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Sumicron69: How cool is this! Firmware and custom coverings for a camera you can't even buy anywhere. Thanks again Fuji!!!!

i don´t care one second about covers in wood and bling stuff, being aprofessional i care abt other things like water sealing (non existant) and other essential things.
any word on other improvents by the new firmware?
startup times? other behaviour?

Link | Posted on Oct 28, 2011 at 20:17 UTC
On article Fujifilm updates X100 firmware to v1.10 (108 comments in total)
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Jim-S: The update procedure posted by Fuji seems unnecessarily convoluted. Does anyone know if you can simply copy the file FPUPDATE.DAT directly to the SD card using a card reader - rather than running the update program from the computer to make this transfer? I'm on a Mac.

I ask because I noticed the previous update said I needed the software MyFinePix Studio on my computer - but I didn't (and won't!). Wonder if they're just being too obtuse....

thanks. you should write the upgrade manuals!
how on earth can they make it so complicated?
anyway it is by far the most film-like compact around, with its faults and quirkiness.
i have had and used it for like three weeks; the printing on the "raw" button is starting to wear off, come on fuji...
and why not make the buttons/menus fully customizable to turn off all the crap i am not interested in?
any reports on improved write speed?

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