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australopithecus: Bye bye Apple ! and Point & shoots.

CA this is reason why i don't want to user superzoom cameras and lens,

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Roger Knight: I have read a lot of these posts and I think some of the posters have no idea what the latest Nokia Symbian belle system is like.
If you imagine the best if Symbian, the best of Android and the best of iPhone and combine them together you have Nokia Symbian Belle. It is no longer clunky or difficult to use or learn.
The addition of this new pureview camera technology would have to make the Nokia 808 a superb all round smartphone and travel camera, especially considering that the actual printed output even up to size A3 will match if not beat most cameras today including some SLR's. Consider that the lens opens at f2 right throughout it's entire zoom range which is greater than most serious SLR and 4/3 kit lenses and you can see just how serious this new low light technology is.
I await the review of the photographic aspects of the Nokia 808 with intense interest because I can only imagine just how extra good a Windows Phone 8 Nokia will be with a Carl Zeiss PureView camera included.

relax man, you don't know what are you talking about
Symbian much faster and much stable than java-based android

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