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Mr Bolton: Digikam didn't used to work on my old system, but I've got a new one now and I'm anxious to find something more advanced than Shotwell. Shotwell is actually pretty efficient for casual photo storage and quick edit/upload. But it lacks more professional level features and my copy is groaning under the weight of over 70,000 photos-due to the fact that it has to check and update its entire catalog every single startup with a hard drive banging forty minutes of near uselessness until it finishes doing so.

Mayhaps Digikam will be more flexible and have better archive and search tools. Now that I've got a brand new System 76 Gazelle with 64 gigs of RAM and 12 CPU cores, hardware power won't be an issue. Gonna be a great winter of cataloging four decades worth of images into the digital domain.

In the preferences you have the option to turn that off, as I sort things by year... 2020 scans pretty quick :-|

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nextSibling: Unlike other brands, it looks like (from these pictures, at least) that someone at Ricoh/Pentax might actually be giving some thought to the haptics (size/shape/prominence/surface texture) of dials and buttons. About time someone did. It's a hugely undervalued, under-considered aspect of product design in the camera industry. I'd like to have a play with this one just for that.

One of the easiest and most pleasant to use cameras I ever used was an old Pentax MZ-M - one of their last film cameras back in the day. The DPR crowd would instantly write it off as cheap and 'plasticy', of course, but whoever designed it had clearly really thought through the user experience - very simple, undemanding and elegant, easy in the hand, all controls just fell into place, just worked, stress free.

I have a MZ-M and relate to that. A simple effective tool. I would by a simple D version, no flash no screen.

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ronniemac: This article headline is: '2010-2019: The decade in review - the camera industry'. For the record, since 2011 when Ricoh bought Pentax (brand, patents, and designs) they have released 20 DSLR and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, and 35 new lenses for these bodies. They also continue to manufacture approximately 20 previously designed high quality lenses. And I do apologise for being so pedantic.

I'm still buying new Pentax cameras and lenses, even if these days their releases are far fewer than before, and look forward to their forthcoming APS-C DSLR and 85mm F1.4 in 2020.

Safe to say that Pentax systems continue to be developed and manufactured for those who enjoy using them. Not bad given that "Pentax kind of sort of doesn't exist anymore".

100 years and counting :-)

Sorry, I think you missed the point, Kodak exists as a brand, Pentax exists as cameras, lens and loots of photographers. We hope for a better 2020. Best.

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For $30 I would get the film Pentax instead of the Peak Design Cuff!

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Peter1976: Kudos to Godox, they are really, innovative and driving the market

If you make it only slightly worse to still be very useful and make it really affordable, that's innovation.

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Ian: As a part-time pro, I'm seeing the impact of Unsplash in terms of getting less work. Even the niche and specialized stuff I shoot is starting to appear on Unsplash. I had thought it was reasonably safe, but apparently not. I fear it's going to be rough road ahead for full-time photographers.

It does remind one of the Napster days, but I fear people won't see the value of paying for photos. Not everyone can record music, but EVERYONE is a photographer, or a professional photographer as Yahoo's Marissa Mayer told us. If you (believe) can do something yourself, it's hard to justify paying someone else.

In a world where likes and followers are considered currency, why should any of us be surprised, though?

Has a long time linux user and open source enthusiast, there is a small difference on photo vs code. Big companies who profit from open source can give something (code) back, redhat or google do it massively. With a photo you can only expect some extra exposure of you work.

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ttran88: This is all starting to be very silly, soon we will hear Pentax claiming #1 full frame sales for the month of odd numbers on the 1st till the 2nd.

that would be nice! :) (#1 full frame sales for the month of odd numbers on the 1st till the 2nd.)

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iAPX: 400$/year, this is the actual cost I would pay for at least 4 servers, 8-cores, 8GB RAM, 8TB storage, and 400Mb/s bandwidth (unlimited use).

That would enable me to store more than 100 000 RAW pictures, and serve more than 1000 pictures/second in usual forum or website size.

Are they dreaming?!?

$4/year would enable me to store 1000 RAW photo or maybe 10 000 JPEG in medium resolution (for the web), deliver at least 10/second (yes it means they will be viewed 310 MILLIONS times per year on average!)

Context: I do website since 1994, have my share of startup life (and death!), have been working for eBay (following them buying our startup), and $400/year is clearly an extorsion.

Where do you pay so low!?

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ScottD1964: Well built or not, that has to be one of the worst looking cameras I've ever seen. Not that looks of a camera matters if it performs well, but, with the 40mm pancake mounted it looks like the design team beat it with an ugly stick.

Glad we are all different, my favourite combo ;)

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bladerunner6: I think Pentax deserves some kudos for making a very competent but few year old entry level camera like the K-50 compatible with the new KAF4 lenses.

Even more kudos if they add the K-30 ;-)

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FantasticMrFox: All hail to the great Pentaxforum petition that brought about this change ... at least we like to tell ourselves that ;)

I will start one for the K-30 right here, if it helps.

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Nice Datsun!

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