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Joe Mayer: I'm sure one of the "monkeys" grabbed his camera and accidentally took some photos. Well, it didn't take photos so much as inadvertently got in the way of the lens while triggering the shutter. While someone might want to personify this incident, I'd simply say the result is amusing (if true). As to who owns the copyright, if there is any, I can't say. Under normal circumstances, I hand my gear to my assistant and she shoots during a wedding day. I own the photos. But a camera unwillingly taken by a primate with pics taken accidentally? This is a head scratcher. They are (supposedly) the result of "nature". And they certainly don't look any different than what a photographer could have captured (at least the two in this article don't) so it's really the story giving the pic notoriety, not the other way around.

Why is it that you think an animal can legally be considered an assistant? This is a somewhat ridiculous assertion since they are clearly not of sound mind to agree to such a thing.

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dark goob: These are great for video and casual stills. The slowdown feature is really sweet. Different market category than other mirrorless cams, not sure why everyone feels compelled to compare it to OM-D or NEX-7 since they are totally different market segments.

Because they are in the same price range. If this were half the price, I'd totally agree.

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