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As a long time LR user, subscription model, who bought C1 20 with the concept of perpetual license, no more subscription. It seems now all I get is constant reminders of what I am missing and pushes to upgrade to the next C1 version, all at a price that exceeds the annual subscription to LR/PS.

Seeming like the benefits to perpetual license are more an illusion of control than an actual functional benefit.

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wk253: Now Olympus has a different owner you can still call it Olympus. Not so much has changed and you don't call a Pentax a Ricoh, now do ye? Or a Nikon a Mitsubishi?

Are we not talking three totally distinct scenarios? Olympus selling photography division now as independent OMD company; Ricoh owning rights to Pentax as a brand name for a camera line; Nikon an independent company which is part of Mitsubishi keiretsu. For camera naming nothing has changed, for corporate names we have OMD, Ricoh, and Nikon.

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Linerider: What a great idea!!!
Lets increase our prices during a global pandemic!
Now we have even more reasons NOT to buy these already outrageously priced lens.
Zeiss are here for the people!

Just a marketing tactic to stimulate impulse buying now from the undecided. It is like the “low stock” or “only two left” warnings you see with online merchandise,—- I better buy it immediately!

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BackToNature1: Its funny how all day long we hear from the same crowd that Gear doesn't matter but the photographer does, now we are hearing the opposite from the very exact same crowd. Simply amazing.

The ”photographer not the gear” line is used if you can not afford the gear or a competing brand has a capability or appeal you wish yours had. It ranks right up there with the “I taught photography for many years…” response when one can not accept correction of misinformation.

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While he speaks for Sigma specifically one is always comfortable they are getting a pretty reliable assessment of the industry when reading his comments.

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Class A: @DPReview
In the Nikon D780 review you write "It's worth noting we had to modify our studio scene shooting protocol due to shutter shock...".

Why not modify the protocol yet again and allow the use of a single PixelShift image, which you demonstrated to be much more usable?

Either the studio scene images show what a typical photographer would get, or they show the cameras at their best.

It is not a given that a D780 photographer would have the awareness to use EFCS when entering the problematic shutter speed range, and even if they are aware they may not be able to use EFCS due to the limitations that are implied by the use of EFCS.

I agree that the studio scene images should show cameras at their best so I don't object to the extra treatment the D780 received. However, shouldn't the same courtesy be extended to the K-3 III?

It is speculation, but it seems likely that the K-3 III will receive an ECFS mode at some point in time anyhow. Other Pentax cameras have it already.

It seems DPR did try to find a way around the observation, even by attempting the shot with settings not recommended by Ricoh. In the case of the D780 you saw very little reaction on the Nikon fora, a general acceptance of a common issue and realization one needed to know their camera and avoid the specific combinations of lenses at certain settings which were potentially problematic. The initial outrage over a negative comment on a Pentax release has been replaced by recognition that it may be an issue in some situations. I even saw one user post a list of specific lenses with which he reproduced the issue. This interest will pass over time. I doubt there is enough DSLR system switch anymore to affect sales to Pentax outsiders. The main effect will be on current Pentax users who may be on the fence in regards to purchase and are assessing the reactions of fellow Pentax users.

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On article Pentax K-3 Mark III added to studio test scene (385 comments in total)

Nobody would have even noticed. But…

With the headline “K3-III added to test scene” most would glance at the single positive introductory sentence and explore no further. However, the incredible number of comments piques ones interest enough to actually open the article. We then see the war between Pentax users, irate at even the mention of a negative; and a few outsiders, always eager to fan the flames. What is a known potential issue for many cameras, shutter shock, and an increasingly common adjustment in many cameras, baked in noise reduction, now become the only things we think about at the mention of K3-III. Unfortunately, now a convenient excuse for every one of us with poor technique and bad images.

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I sold my car, sold my house, need find only another $100 and now they back out on me!

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jonathan68: I am a former Pentax SLR/APS-C DSLR user. So I have a big affection for the brand. One thing that irked me then and does now is the description of APS-C as a cropped sensor. Way back in the depths of time when transitioning from a 35mm SLR that was the case. But subsequently all but one of my lenses (a cheap but tack sharp Sigma 70-300 DL) were designed for APS-C, and I took advantage of the lighter more compact wider zoom range that they afforded. Therefore it was not a cropped sensor system, it was an APS-C system.

In speaking of differences in zoom range on different bodies are you not speaking the crop sensor language and doing that conversion?

If one is using cameras of more than one format it is almost unavoidable to be doing that mental FOV conversion when mounting that 70-300. When I inflate my gravel bike tires I look for 70 PSI. Someone else may find 483 kiloPascals a more desirable option, but I am still going to immediately relate back to 70 PSI. It has nothing to do with fairness.

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On article DPReview TV: Pentax K-3 Mark III review (598 comments in total)
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Joe Bagadonuts: What are any of you expecting that would be so earth shattering out of any new release to jump brands? I keep hearing the same comment over and over , “looks nice but for the price I am not switching...”. Unless it was like 50mp, 8k and $500 bucks, would you anyway? Would you switch brands for any camera? Just a lot of blah, blah, blah that doesn’t need to be said. Pentax knows you aren’t switching. They don’t need to outsell Canon to stay afloat. They do need to bring product to THEIR customers though. That’s it.

Agree with you; Ricoh knows there will be little switching to Pentax because of this camera, and I don’t think the price is even a factor. They also know very few Pentax DSLR users will have any further reasons to switch away from Pentax. Ricoh might be a bit concerned that most of the price complaints are from Pentax users reluctant to spend that kind of money.

I find amusing the common comments from users of other systems that have no interest in Pentax because of the undesirable lens offerings, and Pentax users disinterested in change to other systems because of the undesirable lens offerings. Agreement on one issue!

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If I read this correctly, in March more DSLR were shipped to Europe than to Japan, China, the Americas, and the remainder of world outside of other areas in Asia combined. And, whereas the number of MILC shipped to the Americas is slightly below the number shipped to Europe, the combined numbers for that same list above is more than double the number of units shipped to Europe. I never realized the regional preferences were at such a dramatic level of disparity.

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Kharan: I never thought I’d see another update for my Z7. In that sense, I can only be grateful to Nikon - they’re out-Fujiing Fuji in this regard. But still... was it so hard to add the QoL improvements from the second generation bodies to the first ones? Stuff like the Wide Area Face/Eye detection, longer shutter speeds, and extra customization options? I think it’s quite obvious that Nikon are trying to play the ‘no holds barred’ game now, in which case they should just put the pedal to the metal and go all the way. Make every body on the lineup as attractive and capable as possible.

By OutFujiing Fuji you must be referring to offering trivial firmware updates for existing bodies. It is certainly not by releasing new APS-C models 3-4 times a year (11 since 2018), with purchase of new body required to get anything but those trivial updates.

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“Apple removes claim that its Pro Display XDR goes 'far beyond HDR' in the UK“

Did they clarify whether it goes far beyond HDR in any other regions of the globe?

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On article Pentax K-3 Mark III initial review (877 comments in total)
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ZecaMuzzio: Love Japanese culture. They are conservatives. Make improvements step by step. It's not about time of money. It's about improving solidly. We can see why Toyota is the most reliable car in the world. Yes, conservative wins. Oh! DSLRs are dead "say the young nonsense". It's so nice to see an APS-C camera with all the features that this one has. I bet the auto-focusing system is now competitive or even better than Nikon D-500. I had Pentax in the past. They have awesome lenses. I will be testing one of these babies for sure. Congratulations Pentax!

“I bet the auto-focusing system is now competitive or even better than Nikon D-500.“
It had better be; the D500 has now entered its 6th year. How many generations of processor advances and sensor improvements are now available to achieve that goal? How many hours have Ricoh engineers had to study and tear down D500 cameras? If this camera is released a couple years back I am sure Ricoh welcomes comparison to D500, but I doubt they now desire having AF performance compared to an end of run camera. That would sound like material for a Nikon marketing campaign.

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Andyyy: I still like the idea of a traditional DSLR, they are still perfect to almost anything and have some distinct advantages over mirrorless.

But i'm curious what will happen when the mirrorless technology will develop even more and we get better EVF's or 1000 shot battery life? Because AF is already better and has more potential to improve, so the gap will widen.

Will then the "DSLR feeling" be enough to keep some uses with Pentax?

The technology will continue to advance, as will my age. Long term my DSLR preference is irrelevant as I reach a point of no longer buying gear. The question is what will our kids and grandkids prefer. I have replaced most of my vinyl and have a huge collection of CDs, still believe the sound quality exceeds the streamed music. My children, late 30s to 40s own not even a CD player, everything is streamed, music and movies. Ricoh has no position in MILC and therefore will continue to produce DSLR as long as people buy whatever quantity is deemed adequate. It has nothing to do with the principles of Pentax. The K3-III will be a wonderful camera, but it will not trigger a DSLR or Pentax resurgence. It is a gift to us aging hobbyists.

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On article DPReview TV: Sigma fp L first impressions (160 comments in total)

Nobody reads or watches these reviews to actually assist in making a purchase decision. These reviews simply provide potential points of contention to assist in formulating snarky responses to those with different predetermined opinions.

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Rootbeer Man: 🤔. Where’s K-3 III? 🤔

Stuck in the Suez Canal

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It seems the English speaking world does not have set pronunciations even of English words! You can be listening to someone speaking your native tongue and be thinking I don’t have a clue what she just said.

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Aberaeron: As a native Welsh speaker the only one I got wrong was Voigtlander. Obviously there are regional differences in dialect, which I'm sure is true even within Germany and is certainly true in Wales, so the pronunciation will not be precisely identical even for people living 50 miles apart.

As for the lens names, these are made-up names chosen for international appeal and so who cares what the German pronunciation is? It's not in the least important.

Nobody seems to agree how to pronounce Nikon, but does it matter? It isn't even written like that in Japanese. So your German correspondent really needs to see more of life and travel some and learn regional dialects as well as different languages to appreciate how diverse all languages are, including German. Language also changes with time and it is unlikely that the same German is spoken today than I the 18thC for instance, which would probably be very different to read and possibly difficult to understand.

@teddoman. While the Japanese pronunciation of Nikon may be irrelevant in a discussion of German, do note that television advertisements from Nikon USA use the same American pronunciation. Seems they are less concerned with regional variations than in selling the cameras.

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Cerridwen: I've always admired Pentax cameras. I won a *ist DL back in college from a photo competition. I used it for a while and it produced some of the best jpegs to my eye...with the kit lens! Great ergonomics.

The K3III shall be proven to be outstanding for DSLR users.

For the somewhat disappointed Pentax users who eagerly await this camera the D500 AF is a nonissue.

If a content Pentax user hasn’t purchased one in the past five plus years it is not likely that the D500 AF is suddenly a priority that would prompt an expensive system switch. If the AF does not match D500 we must realize it never was THE priority for the remaining. If it bests the D500 we can all be glad that DSLR capabilities are still evolving years after the assumed demise.

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