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Zeiss Lion would've been better.

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Sweet, Sigma really is on fire with their lenses. All of the new Art series lenses are sure to make the big brands think or at least it should.
As a Canon user i don't see any point going for an L lenses if Sigma provides an alternative that actually perform better than L glass and is roughly half the price. Weatherproofing is not that important to me and i honestly think that apart from real professionals not many people really need that.

Just look at the new 35mm F1.4 for FF and the 30mm f.1.4 for APS-C, Canon offers nothing close to the 30mm atm. You have the EF 35mm F2 IS but its almost double the price than the 30mm Sigma and i would expect the Sigma to be on par or even better than the Canon lens. Sigma just needs to release an ~24mm f1.4 ish and they're pretty much set.

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dopravopat: After a brief inspection of the nice and detailed in-depth review I feel a nice, warm feeling inside. I am very satisfied that the EOS 6D is the camera it is, now I do not regret getting new APS-C designed lenses for my Canon EOS 60D, becouse moving to an affordable state of the art FF camera from Canon is simply not optional. Where to begin? Fixed LCD, horrible moiré patterns in video (no improvement in this area whatsoever since the 5D MkII or the 60D), flash sync and fastest shutter speed worse than on my 60D (I use 1/8000 more often thatn I thought I will), price...

Again, thank you Canon. I can grab my 60D tomorrow and enjoy shotting with it (and with the Sigma 8-16, 17-50 and 50-150), with no questions in the back of my head about what has improved since I got the 60D. Becouse the answer is realy - nothing important for me. I do not care about the number of AF points or framerate, around 5 fps is still enough for me.

Now I am really interested in the new Sigma 30 mm f1.4 EX DC.

Good on ya, the Sigma 8-16 is mint i use it myself too with the 50D. Also interested in the new Sigma 30mm and also been checking out the Canon 35mm f/2 IS, bit steep price though but nice size and good quality optics.

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StyleZ7: Sigma - thanks for this, but please give us some renewed Wide Angle Primes for FF too :)

Yes something that works for APS-C also, i wouldn't mind a 24mm f/1.4 :)

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Mike604: I have shot thousands of weddings with my HTC ONE X. SInce last march!!! I agree with much that was said here and it was pretty brave to rely on an IPHONE to be your image maker but I can bet many many of the members on DPreview, regardless of the equipment and how advanced it may be, can do this to. Great marketing, very Steve Jobs esk......

Maybe he is a wedding crasher..?

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Roskis2000: It seems my local camerashop is providing this @ 699€
Bying one for sure.

Can you please provide a link, name or something?

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