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This is a common issue for hardware projects on Kickstarter. Unless you have experience getting these types of products to market you always underestimate the cost and complexity involved.

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RedFox88: Too bad their dslrs do video poorly still!

Have you tried the D500? It's actually quite good ;)
(except for the heavy crop in 4k mode, admittedly)

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Nikonandmore: We are only away from true zooming & bokeh/shallow depth of field available on cell phones & its game over. In most people's wildest dreams to imagine that some phones today would have better sensors, IQ, resolution & low light capabilities than DSLRs only 10 years. So imagine 10 years ahead as progress in this field advances exponentially. My bet, depth & 3D sensing, multiple fixed lenses designs allied to computational imaging & massive mobile computing power, optical zooms like on the Asus Zoom Zen Phone & other new breakthru lens designs, will completely eat away the point&shoot market & DSLRs. Equally further on, many current photography brands will be gone or doing something else. At the speed some are already loosing market share & plunging sales figures, Im surprised they are still afloat. Others (like Samsung for example) already made the switch & exited the "photography gear" (ie RIP the NX line) & ONLY do photographic hardware for cellphones. Of course, I may totally wrong:)

Technology being equal a large sensor will always capture more light than a small one, so a state of the art DSLR should always have better image quality than a state of the art phone.

That being said, we might get to a point where less and less people bother to get DSLR's or compact cameras.

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On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (920 comments in total)
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Raintitan: It is wonderful that nearly everyone has a good-enough camera in their pocket so that so many people can learn, enjoy and experience photography.

I don't understand why so many are being critical.

Couldn't agree more.
I don't carry my DSLR with me everywhere, and having a phone with a good camera (Samsung GS6 in my case) means you get decent photos even when you left your DSLR at home.

While not a first for a phone, the dual lens camera is a nice feature that should improve many types of shots (portraits in particular), and I am certainly hoping to see that in more phones moving forward.

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Triplet Perar: We need lenses to tell lies, not to reveal truth. The context is always ugly in some way, let's hide all that. So we need lenses as this one to hide the ugly backgrounds in all pictures and in stories, only to show how beautiful and insanely great people are when taken outside any context.

Are you serious??

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CameraLabTester: The best HDR image is the one you can't tell if HDR was done or not.


There are so many people claiming that HDR is bad, period.
What they really mean is that poorly done, exaggerated HDR is bad.

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HeyItsJoel: HDR is still ugly. Technology isn't up to par yet to match the dynamic range of the human eye.

Ugly HDR is ugly. Good HDR is not, and can be used for great effect.

HDR is a bit like CGI in movies. When you notice it being used it is probably overdone, but when you don't even realize you are looking at CGI/HDR, then it's a different story.

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Aur: The Nikon D5500, a revolutionary camera, everything you know and love, in the same body. We heard your suggestions, and we changed absolutely nothing.


Myself I have close to a hundred thousand photos taken with various cameras over the years. If I look through them all it is not a problem to spot where they were taken, but it would be nice if they could be organized by location without me having to look through them all ;)

Also, I occasionally take pictures at locations less iconic than the colosseum in Rome, but YMMW :)

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Papi61: Every mid-range Android has 1080p nowadays. I wouldn't call anything without a quad-HD screen a "flagship."

Seriously though, who really needs more than 1080p on a phone with a screen smaller than 6 inches.

(says the man with a Samsung Galaxy S6..)

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On article Microsoft launches its Hyperlapse app (28 comments in total)
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Francis Sawyer: Not supporting iOS is just childish.

No mobile platform gets every app out there, and Android is the largest one after all.

I wouldn't be surprised if they also picked Android because it is a quicker platform to release beta releases on.

Either way, once it is out of beta I am sure you will have your iOS version ;)

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On article Nikon D5500 Review (410 comments in total)
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Aur: The Nikon D5500, a revolutionary camera, everything you know and love, in the same body. We heard your suggestions, and we changed absolutely nothing.


I just can't agree with you there BarnET. Unless you never take your camera out of your home/studio then geotagging your photos is a very nice add-on feature, regardless of what types of photos you shoot.

I would love it if every photo I ever took was geotagged so that I could search through them by region, and display a map of the world with my photo locations marked.

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Lassoni: What's up with ppl demanding 4k of every dslr now? Can't smartphone take good enough video? You can take a smartphone into a bar / nightclub and take pretty good video. What about campact camera for video? Wouldn't a olympus sh-50 fare well enough?

To answer your question: No, a smart phone can't take good enough video, assuming you want high quality results.

This debate has been done to death already, so I'm not going to bring it up again, but a full frame DSLR like the D810 has many great advantages for recording video compared to a compact camera or a phone.

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Wubslin: Another failure from Nikon. I guess I should be disappointed, but I can't even muster disappointment any more.

How Nikon are still in business is a mystery.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out ;)

The only thing I don't like about this camera is the price. I will probably get one in a couple of years when it has come down a bit, and my D600 is starting to show it's age.

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Peiasdf: Looks very much alike D800 except lower resolution.

Have you ever tried a Nikon camera? I can assure you I don't struggle with the greens on mine ;)

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camerosity: I'll keep my D700, thanks.

I just sold mine to get the D600, and I sure don't regret it ;)

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Morpho Hunter: Ah ...must due be the 36mp sensor ...why else would a camera that cannot produce sharp hand-held images when viewed at 100% win such an award?

Ah ..must be due to the 36MP sensor.. why else would a camera that strangles babies in their sleep win such an award ;)

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snow14: this is clearly about high MP people love the high miga pixels camera they gave that award to the 5dii in 1999 becuase it has highest MP at the time of release,not many people going to print billboard size and benefit from 36mp also there are not many lenses in nikon linup that has good enough resolving power to take advantage of all that36 MP ,i guess the markting team at nikon did good job.

@photo nuts

So true. It doesn't matter if the D800 is a good camera. If any part of the camera is not made by Nikon the camera itself shouldn't get any praise, just like the iPhone didn't get any praise since many components in it were made by Samsung...

And yes, I'm sarcastic :P

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review (541 comments in total)
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michael2011: So D800 is about same as D300S and worse than Canon 7D and Pentax 5-K which cost 1/2 to 1/3 as much? That's a head scratcher to me.

BTW, pictures in the AF review section don't show up in my browser. Links are broken?

Doesn't it state that the points are relative to other cameras in its class?
It's not supposed to be compared with cheaper types of cameras.

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