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I am a writer and wildlife photographer. I also like video and explaining things.

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  • Sony is developing this technology to counteract the likely rise in image fabrication due to the follies committed by Silicon Valley by developing AI. It is understanable, but I can't help feel...

  • Most of the time people post comparisons when the images are similar because those posts are more controversial and gather more attention. Same with iPhone vs DSLR comparisons. If someone posts a ...
  • Replied in Unless
    Unless you're in a backlit situation and need to raise some shadows for dramatic portraits. I just did this with my micro four thirds gear and my full frame gear and WOW there was an incredible ...
  • Hey guys, hopefully this post is okay, and I definitely won't advertise this beyond this post, but I'd thought I'd let Sony users know that Photography Life has started doing Sony and Canon lens ...
  • If you need the updated PDAF and like the G9 style, there's really no comparison. Get the G9 II. Otherwise, the G9 is a great camera.
  • It would be practically useless. All cameras these days produce excellent IQ. The slight differences in color would be more attributable to either JPEG engines or Raw profiles/Raw developers.
  • @left eye. You should just write and forget about what is popular or not.

  • I would like to see what 1/80,000 can do...maybe with fast moving water droplets and flash.

  • I don't think it's a spectrum. I am obsessed with both...
  • Well not exactly kicking and screaming. The competition isn't bad, and in fact I'd definitely take the Z8 or the R5 over this camera, just because for many cases global shutter isn't that huge of a...

  • Replied in what??
    Obviously the sensor in the a9 iii is not the same as the a1 but IQ? Come on dude! The a9 iii has absolutely fine IQ. If you can't produce amazing IQ with the a9 iii with ease then something is ...
  • Replied in Definitely not
    I think a lot of people on DPReview might feel this way because they are not professionals...for wildlife the a9III isn't as amazing as it is for portrait, journalists, and sports shooters. For ...
  • You might be right, and it is true that the video quality is good. However, fundamentally the convenience of phones and these innovations are not done for our benefit, but to integrate technology ...
  • Replied in The experience
    I would prefer not to see any icons, and I don't care for facial recognition either. I don't even want to go through the step of having to show my face first. I just want to raise the camera to my ...
  • It has but there are always people who don't know about it yet and prefer to engage in active conversation about it rather than read about it.
  • You are confusing light per unit area and total light. Light per unit area is what's relevant for exposure, so that doesn't change. But when it comes to less noise and better image quality, then ...
  • Replied in The experience
    Even if phone cameras could replace real cameras, I wouldn't want to use them. When I'm out taking shots, I do not want to see phones. If I want to go through the shots I've taken, I do not want ...
  • The camera qualities weren't that great either. Seemed quite limited compared to having interchangeable lenses.
  • All microphones suck when they are far from your sound source....a shotgun can isolate sound a little in a sense but if the voice you're recording is far it will be bad. No way around this but to ...
  • I watched a piece of the video and I switched it off because it looked like a nauseating corporate promo video. Looks like you can make garbage with any camera.
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