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This is the same one they released two weeks ago.

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Hey - it's the same price as Paintshop Pro with only half the features!

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I clicked that Gimp icon for the first time in ages today....

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JJ Rodin: This does forebode the beginning of the on-line subscription of many things I suspect, M$ being next with Win9 & Office I am sure! Who else is next.

I have to say it really sux donkey meat!

Adobe has NEVER lacked in arrogance, we now see that money is their only criteria of success in the future.

They have just lost any/all of my business once this becomes active, but I am sure many suckers will slurp on the nipple of the cloud,


But at $10/mo Office is about worth it if you use it a lot. At $20/mo (for just Photoshop) Creative CLoud isn't. I was a Paintshop Pro user for years, and switched to Photoshop with the latest version using CC. Paintshop Pro does all the things Photoshop does (admittedly not as elegantly in some cases - but better in others) and it costs less than $100.

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I have Creative Cloud - it's not worth it, and when my year of servitude is up I'll be quitting. It turns out that Paintshop Pro does about everything Photoshop does anyway, and for $100.

Adobe just killed itself.

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The 'Rei Ayanami' edition actualy looks quite nice - kind of like a 1950s T-Bird or Corvette.

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Does it come with a piece of black tape to fix the light leak from the top LCD?

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Biowizard: Wow - at last we will be able to do feature films where each shot lasts more than 40% of the overall film, rather than the more normal 5-30 seconds per shot that any decent film uses. Woop. And without paying a special tax. Double Woop.

Maybe now, some day, I'll actually try shooting my first video fragment. Or, maybe, not. I still prefer decent stills.


Not everyone uses video to make feature films. I've attended meetings that were recorded, and the person running the camera would have to keep re-starting the camera.

Still the file-size limit is going to keep the time down.

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Ken Draper: I'm not sure if all the commenters here appreciate that recording only the luminance values at each sensor site greatly increases the effective resolution of the image recorded. For photographers shooting only B&W this is a very good thing, and superior to converting from color.

$8k for what amounts to a novelty camera - definitely for the 1%

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Nikon wants their cameras to have a bigger MP number than Canon's for a while. Canon's 18 MP APS-C has been outgunning them for what, like two years?

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ogl: Nikon offers MUCH cheaper 24 MP camera than Sony.

And the A77 costs twice as much.

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Deleted1929: If you're going to start a new business plan I can't help thinking that 1st April is perhaps not the most confidence inspiring choice.

We can but hope.

Yeah - the Americans and Europeans here may have some trouble understanding the Japanese business culture. In the U.S., anyway, not only is April 1st "April Fools Day", a day dedicated to telling lies for fun, but April is when we have to pay taxes - so it has an evil taint to it.

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wildkat2: I think this is yet another positive sign for Pentax.

Ricoh is a well run, highly profitable company. The bought Pentax for a song and this move shows that the issues Pentax had were with Hoya, not with Pentax.

I looked at Hoya financials in detail ( I was looking to buy Hoya stock) and they clearly showed the camera division of Pentax was making money. Not bucket loads, but a profit. Apparently Ricoh read them too. The same filings led me to believe that Hoya was going to starve the camera division of R&D and capital investment. Hoya bought Pentax for every that WASNT cameras and lenses. Rioch bout JUST cameras and lenses.

Since becoming part of Ricoh in October Pentax has:

Introduced its first mirrorless, the Q, which is also the smallest ILC on the market.

Introduced its second mirrorless, the K-01, which is also the first mirrorless to use a traditional full size mount making it compatible with more lenses than any other mirrorless camera

I think people may be missing the point of the K-01: not everyone wants the tiniest camera in existence. In fact it's the larger body that makes it appealing to someone like me who has gargantuan caveman hands.

This "shrink it until it's smaller than my phone" mentality makes little sense to me. As cameras shrink more control goes to the virtual side in menus. I want a working camera that sits on a tripod and has buttons and knobs so I can focus on the image I'm after and run the thing by feel. I bought a Canon G12 for this very reason: controls. The ISO and exposure compensation dials, along with the dual control dials make it a great tripod camera for a small fixed-lens model. I wish DSLRs had as much on-the-body controls.

These slick little slabs of plastic and glass may be sexy - but are they practical as working tools?

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spacelounge: it doesn't mean that PENTAX will be designing the new Ricohs.. it simply means that the two camera division have been amalgamated into one, larger and specifically dedicated to creating cameras.

Notice how it will receive resources from the main Ricoh company, which might mean they will both come out stronger from this.

I think the missunderstanding comes from the fact that the new unit is named Pentax Ricoh.. but it doesn't mean Pentax takes preference over Ricoh. It's just an aesthetic choice.

Spacelounge is on top of this. It really sounds like they are consolidating the two sides of things: business/security products under Ricoh, consumer products under Pentax. No duplication of effort across divisions means leaner and more efficient operations.

The *culture* side of things depends on the personnel that go to each group. Will managers and execs from Ricoh take over Pentax? Or will Pentax people stay in charge and call the shots? That will decide what kinds of products we see in the future and which design philosophy wins-out.

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Nerdlinger: It never fails...any sort of Pentax post and the Canon/Nikon/Sony/Etc sheeple trolls make their daily appearance to bash Pentax once again. It gets to be tiring as a fan of Pentax. This move shows faith in Pentax from Ricoh...they just handed the reins of their consumer imaging division over to Pentax. The sheeple can "bahh bahh bahh bash" all they want. To me this move shows Pentax continues to roll along.

It's simple people...really simple. If you want extremely reasonable priced imaging equipment compared to the just about every single other company buy a Pentax system. Do you care about class leading IQ? Buy a Pentax. They have supported the K mount for decades, and there are a crap ton of lenses out there. Are Pentax's available in stores in the US? No. Are they carried by every single online retailer? YES.

Stick to the Canon/Nikon/Etc posts and profess your love there...do not jump on the Pentax posts to do your typical trolling. Haters......

Compare the features of the K-5 to the Canon 7D and the Nikon D7000.

Then compare the prices.

And that's why Pentax is still around and a completely viable alternative.

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(unknown member): To all the "analysts" - since you have no info regarding the personnel and the exact management structure of the re-engineered subsidiary - all further "info", conclusions and attacks are just pure speculations.

Fortunately this isn't a matter of national security, world peace, or critical brain surgery - it's just stuff about cameras. So rampant speculation is harmless and interesting.

Personally I hope Pentax comes back in a big way as an alternative to the Big Three of Canon, Nikon, and now Sony. All the Big Three's gear is overpriced in the U.S. even at the current Yen/dollar exchange rates. Right now Pentax appears to be making a solid if limited line of consumer/enthusiast cameras and lenses. I hope their offerings broaden and they succeed. To put my money where my speculation is, I plan to buy a K-5 in the near future.

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I'm considering buying a K-5 based on feature set and image quality - but the thing that holds me back is the small size: I have big hands and small cameras are a pain to handle. I tend to prefer Canon's tanks just on the physical size of the things.

So I just can't get too excited about mirrorless cameras shrinking even more. Someone needs to market handlebars for these things that screw into the tripod threads.

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