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  • That is a deeply cynical thing to say about someone who has risked his very reputation and professional relationships to bring to light this injustice.
  • Among the qualifying criteria for "photo rape," pay particular attention to the lack of informed consent . Fully informed consent, as has been well-established in U.S. case law, requires that at ...
  • What a nasty, contemptible partisan troll pushing an agenda! Disgusting!
  • In a nutshell, this is how the photo was created: Hope that helps!
  • Is it a big issue with the A7Riii?
  • That is the kind of shot a compact like the RX100 or FZ2000 would completely botch. People with those cameras, in desperation, stand far back and zoom in to get some shallow dOF, but in the ...
  • I'm glad you posted that. It's a good analogy to the Canikon dinosaurs. Even the base Tesla Model 3 hits 0-60 faster than that. But of course, for those who like moving sticks the same way some ...
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    I am under no obligation to address any questions or comments in this venue. In a trial, those would be questions of fact for a jury to address. Wow, looks like Tony & Chelsea gained 25,000 ...
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    You can play judge, jury, and executioner in your little make-believe world all you want. Just don't expect me to indulge your ill-conceived lines of inquiry. Understood?
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    Well said! I love how this crowd yells "Fake news!!" and "Troll!" whenever anyone voices such a well-reasoned dissent. I guess that after living in this groupthink echo chamber for so long, they ...
  • The D800 has terrible LV. It is some horrible interpolated Frankenstein and so noisy in low-light as to preclude a proper assessment of critical focus. It's a dirty little secret the Nikon ...
  • Do you really think she or anyone else would admit to partaking in something so shameful and bring dishonor to her family in so doing? Of course, she was aware of it. It's quite clear you have an ...
  • You're not going to get "in depth" photographs with a DSLR. They cause too much blur, due to intrinsic mechanical limitations that will become more and more apparent as sensor resolution increases. ...
  • How would you know that the photo didn't set in motion a cascade of events leading to her arrest, marriage, and status as now-widow? If anything, it did just that.
  • Good post and very true! "Ruthless" and "wanting to make a quick buck" are what it all boils down to. Funny how people try to dress up such coarseness with lofty things like "he's bringing light to ...
  • I'm sure the OP, who purportedly can detect the oodles and oodles of microcontrast in Canon images, will have no trouble discerning which is which. I can't wait for his pronouncement.
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    It is you who have resorted to systematic and deliberate besmirchment of Tony Northrup's name with false allegations. You need to be held to account in a court of law. Complaint filed!
  • Yes, I envy the peoples who have reach even higher level of mastery of light than you by taking billions of fantastic shots with smartphone and potato.
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    That's quite the charge. Do you have the proof to support it or should we grant a motion to dismiss for insufficient evidence?
  • No, I think very much scare by the big DR. It will give the comfort to hide behind the small DR Canon file now, but one day, probably decade from now, Canon may catch up to the now and make big DR ...
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