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MrBrightSide: We regulate every other dangerous industry from natural gas, and electricity to trucking to air travel. It’s time to bring internet to heel and bring the pimp hand down on the the predatory businesses it has made possible

It's not the internet.
It's the corporate 'walled gardens' on the WWW like FB and IG that are problematic.

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PandaSA: something is wrong with the woodcut. There are horizontal lines running through it.

There are moire effects

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Not one shows the utterly degraded state of most nature.

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What about all the photographers contributing to the destruction of ecosystems by dint of the massive amount of travel and CO2 emitted thereby.

All this is changing up the atmosphere and, e.g. rolling back glaciers that so many photographers love to photograph, killing species that so many photographers love to photograph, etc. etc.

Who cares about a rock that a few humans regard as photogenic and that would have been eroded anyway (earlier as a consequence of more turbulent weather because of human-induced climate change). That's such a human-centric selfish concept.

If you care about these parks you should not go to them yourself.
All you really seem to care about is something that is aesthetically pleasing to yourself (and some other humans).

Maybe now the pimple is not there less people will go, and less overall damage will be caused.

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Why do you display the image at only 565x425 (or whatever it is) pixels?

It leaves most of my screen wasted - black - not to mention my second monitor.

Surely in this day and age we should be striving for adaptive rendering to make as much use of display area? On my monitor, for example, it could be more than twice as big in each dimension and still leave space for the comparison widgets on the right-hand side. (On Connect you could make it crappily small for smart phones etc :-) )

If you are doing a new tool why not make it take advantage of the high-DPI devices which are coming on the market already?

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On article iPhone 5 ranks fifth in user satisfaction in the U.S. (31 comments in total)

Are the values the mean or median satisfaction of the users?

Without knowing that the numbers are wortheless.

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On article iPhone 5 ranks fifth in user satisfaction in the U.S. (31 comments in total)

What an awful graph. If you want us to take data from you seriously set the axes at zero.

Honestly, I thought we had moved beyond this.

(PS I do not own a smartphone of any make)

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