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On article Canon announces five PowerShot compacts (146 comments in total)
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GodSpeaks: Yawn.

I thought I had read that this class of cameras was dead. The smartphone has replaced it.

Even the ELPH 160 has an 8x optical zoom, so this is exactly the kind of cameras that smartphone has NOT replaced. Although a slowish 8x zoom without OIS is usable only in good light at the long end, it's still better than trying to photograph the same subject with a 28mm equivalent fixed focal length smartphone camera.

Link | Posted on Jan 6, 2015 at 13:38 UTC
On article Ricoh announces WG-30W and WG-30 rugged compacts (77 comments in total)
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Felix E Klee: "Pet detection function to automatically detect the face of a cat or dog" – cool, but what about fishes?

I suppose the face of your dog while being bitten by a shark would make a very dramatic underwater picture... ;-)

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On article Ricoh announces WG-30W and WG-30 rugged compacts (77 comments in total)
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Madden: 16 MP (non-BSI CMOS) on 1/2.3", 230k screen (probably not very bright), 28mm on wide end, no GPS -- seems to me that the 8-months old WG-4 GPS is better in every respect except for the missing WiFi. At a lower price-point. Am I missing something?

I don't think they even make FSI-CMOS sensors in 1/2.3" any more. FSI sensors are made for cheap camera phones (1/4" or smaller) and in sizes larger than 1".

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starwolfy: Never heard of geometry, shapes and composition guys ?
These pictures are really good.

Acting like there wasn't any thought to their composition would be equally silly. Some of them are rather good, albeit not what I would call brilliant.

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DuxX: Is there any logical explanation why this camera looks like this or Sigma designers still use very strong opiates?

More like hallucinogens...

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On article The best in smartphone photography 2013 (54 comments in total)
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undergrounddigga: Will be interesting to see how will Apple cope with the competition. The others are much more open to collaboration (e.g. Sony-Zeiss, Nokia-Nikon?). Apple has a huge ego, and probably would be time to put that aside and build some lenses with Leica or Olympus.
At the moment, they are kind of falling in the same mistake Nokia has, when they didn't realise the power of smartphones. Lots of people will buy certain phones, just because of their better photo capabilities.
Not that I really care, I buy phones every 8 years, and I really hope I won't have to change mine for another 6 years.. :) From a business perspective however, will be interesting to see where is Apple going to be in 5-10 years time. I do use apple products, such as their personal computers.. absolutely love them. Maybe they have built such a strong computer and music (iTunes, iPod) market that until someone major challenged those, they will always be ok

"didn't realise the power of smartphones" about Nokia... That's like saying that Ford didn't realize the power of mass production. Where Nokia failed at was to produce an adequate response to the user interface revolution that the iPhone brought. The first iPhone wasn't even a proper smartphone feature-wise, since it couldn't run third party apps AT ALL with the original version of the iOS that came installed with it.

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On article Want to remember something? Don't take a photo (183 comments in total)
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Jim: That study sounds like complete nonsense to me. I've never heard of anyone expressing ANY lack of memory of an event due to having a photograph present. If anything, the complete reverse is true. Nonsensical studies like this are a waste of time and money. I just hope it wasn't funded by taxpayers.

As an aside, why is this even posted on this website? Helloooooo.


Yeah, your intuition trumps a study published in a a well-regarded peer reviewed scientific publication. Psychological research is not easy, so this study probably does not tell us the whole truth about the matter, but its findings sound true to me. When looking at a museum display I always try to do it without my camera first and only then I take photos from the interesting details.

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On article Roger Cicala cynically re-defines photography (53 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: I hope Roger will do a dictionary of cliches as well, starting with "built like a tank". Is there any photo equipment that isn't built like a tank? Didn't think so.

It should be: "Built like an Armored Fighting Vehicle with heavy armor protection and big main gun, i.e. tank" And no, I don't think there are such cameras, unless you count the thermal cameras and image intensifiers on the actual "tanks" (see above) of modern variety...

Link | Posted on Nov 26, 2013 at 18:58 UTC
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TitusXIII: 13MP crammed unto a smart phone size sensor is nothing but a disaster.
Expect nothing but unacceptable amounts of noise on all the photos.

It probably has the same Sony sensor as the XPeria Z and Samsung Galaxy S4. So nothing new there; the Xperia Z was launched more than 6 months ago.

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pulsar123: Even though obviously a gimmick (I can't image what one would want to shoot at 1200mm equivalent FL; this is the domain for telescopes, with their massive stable tripods and star tracking motors), the lens's FL range is quite impressive from a lens designer's point of view. In addition, the maximum aperture is 36mm (at the long end), which is also impressive for a P&S camera.

Wildlife is a wide concept. I agree that 1200 mm zoom is useful for birds, but you usually do not need that long lens for large mammals. Small mammals are mostly nocturnal, so a slow lens with a small sensor is very suboptimal, and you can't spot them from very far in any case. Small reptiles and amphibians are in general also difficult to spot from far away, although I admit such a lens could sometimes be useful in shooting them.

Link | Posted on Jul 19, 2013 at 16:53 UTC
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ShutterbugDougG: Re: 20-1200mm zoom, I'm waiting for this crazy lens technology to make it into the SLR space - that is, hoping for small and lightweight Bigma alternatives.

Even with a small sensor the lens would not be very small, because ILCs do not use motorized collapsible zooms like compact cameras. Pentax has not jumped to the opportunity to provide a superzoom lens for the Q system and the reason is clear: the Q system is all about small size and a 20x zoom would not be that small even if it would be technically quite possible.

Link | Posted on Jul 19, 2013 at 16:32 UTC
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ZAnton: Same camera & specs with 1/1.7" sensor please.

Fujifilm has made several superzooms with 2/3" or 1/1.6" sensors over the years. The X-S1 is the latest one. They always end up huge, heavy and quite expensive. 1/1.7" isn't that much smaller than 2/3", so I doubt any company could make one profitably at less than $500 even with "just" a 20x zoom. Perhaps if they made the lens something like f/3.5 to f/6.3, but what would be the point of that?

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onlooker: Interesting that this mirror lens is so much more expensive than Samyang 500 mm mirror (

I haven't tried it, but there's according to some reviews the old Samyang or Centon 500 mm mirror lens is a really bad and nearly useless in practice.

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JackM: What a bizarre week of slow lenses.

Not that fast... Tamron made a 350 mm f/5.6 back in the day and there has also been some 500 mm f/5.6 lenses. Typically 500 mm mirror lenses were f/8, so this new Samyang lens is pretty much average.

Link | Posted on Jun 14, 2013 at 22:41 UTC
On article Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor (757 comments in total)

What I really love about Leica is that the leather never-ready case has a cutout where the Leica badge is, so everyone can see the brand of your camera easily ;-)

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BobORama: Who has voluntarily used a GIF in the last decade anyway?

As far as hard vs soft "G" he's wrong, its hard G. Any other pronunciation makes you look like a moron. Perhaps we can start calling JPG's Gee-Pegs.

-- Bob

Yeah, it's still used where space is tight, although for most purposes (=more than 256 color is needed) either JPG or PNG is much superior.

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3.28 ft = 10 meters...

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On article Olympus to axe V-series point-and-shoot cameras (124 comments in total)
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Mahmoud Mousef: Soak in the bargains while the getting's good.

Soon most manufacturers will be thinning their compact camera line-ups out and those that are around will resemble thin phones :)

I already see some action in this area. Manufacturers now think that by making their cameras look and act like phones, they can rescue lowered sales performance.

The ultracompacts are not a new phenomenon. For example the main selling point of folded optics cameras has been the thinness for some time now. Unfortunately you still can't get to modern smartphone kind of slimness even with folded optics.

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