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  • thanks for sharing, you rekindled some fond memories as my wife and I visited this said town in 2012. This is Izamal right? the town where all buildings are painted this gold/yellow colour. It was ...
  • When we visited GC north rim in 2015 I found it was advantageous to have some more focal length to capture details in the canyon area which go missing when only a wide angle is at your disposal. brgds
  • thanks all, Based on the C&C thus far, there seems to be a consensus that a bit more detail could have been lifted in the shadows? thanks for the thorough feedback David. I totally get what you are ...
  • thanks for looking, jaggedhorizon. yes those were my precise attempts except with not too much emphasis on clarity as I found it started to look a bit overdone but maybe I was too conservative and ...
  • Created photo thread Rural fishing community
    Good afternoon, I would like to share some recent scenic/landscape shots from a local rural fishing community here in our beloved island. This location is known also for some nice sunsets . I am ...
  • Replied in NYC B&W scenes
    thanks very much Wensel, Alisande & Chicagophoto for the C&C, your points are all duly noted. Chicago; any tips re the lighting you spoke of and what maybe could of or should have been done ...
  • Replied in NYC B&W scenes
    Many thanks for taking the time and the feedback provided. brgds, Ziad
  • Created photo thread NYC B&W scenes
    Good day, I am seeking some feedback on a few B&W images from a quick trip to NYC recently. I am trying to explore some creativity and new areas in B&W to have some more fun with my photography. ...
  • Submitted a challenge entry Sundown
    Sunset is the backdrop as these fishing vessels rest for the evening after a day of fishing activities.
    Placed 43rd in the challenge. Sunset is the backdrop as these fishing vessels rest for the evening after a day of fishing activities.
  • Submitted a challenge entry Sunset at the Orange Valley fishing depot
    Sunset and dramatic skies at the Orange Valley fishing village and depot back in January 2013.
    Placed 82nd in the challenge. Sunset and dramatic skies at the Orange Valley fishing village and depot back in January 2013.
  • @CameraLabTester,
    I think I understand where you may be going with this but I disagree. I am not a pro but love photography especially for my travels and the prospect of getting high IQ and...

  • Commented on article Sony Alpha 7R II Review

    Add to that the cost of good lenses if you do not have satisfactory 3rd party lenses worthy of it like I do. it is simply just too expensive for rme. It is without a doubt class leading along with...

  • Sorry to have disappointed and fallen short of capturing Bryce John and duly noted. I do have several others from Bryce, this one captured me for various reasons pertaining to B&W presentation ...
  • Thanks rick decker and moranjr for your insights and suggestions. It seems like this one has a bit of a divided opinion or maybe its nice scenery but not nearly there in terms of the B&W presentation.
  • It was amazing how clear and vivid it all was, skies of a deep blue shade, puffs of clouds liek cotton balls, the visibility was excellent. Thanks for the tips and comments.
  • Yes I am very familiar with the rule of thirds etc, I deliberately broke it in this instance in the hope that there was a just cause based on what captivated me at the time....the clouds made me ...
  • Much thanks for the excellent contribution Ido S, what I am aiming to do is to assess if I make a switch if I will be pleased with my lens options in my budget and expectations. I know I will be ...
  • Thanks and appreciate it. Yes true, L is not the be all and end all, its a good point of reference for me regarding performance I am familiar with. Played with the lenses I mentioned and cross ...
  • Good day, My question is: If I were going with a Canon cam and say, the 24-105 F4L IS and the 16-35 F/4L IS or 17-40 F4L; for comparison purposes what would the Nikon Lenses be for similar quality ...
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