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On photo Are you looking at me? in the Pocket-Sized P&S Cameras in Nature Photography challenge (2 comments in total)

DearRuthC, I just received the notification e-mail, couldn't believe it and am totally happy right now. :-) Thank you for your nice comment and the clarification concerning the grasshopper. The TG-4 is a nice little camera with fantastic macro-ability and I start thinking why I would lug a "real" camera along, anyway. ;-)

A big 'thank you' to everybody who gave me a vote!
Cheers, Dynho

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85 / G80 Review (692 comments in total)
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User3754336485: I've got a Panasonic G7 and love it. You nailed it in this review. I am in total envy of the G85 IBIS and will buy either a G85 or GH5, depending on whether I can hold off long enough until the GH5 comes out. I'm suspecting not.

Planned obsolescence is when your gear stops working. The G7 of User3754336485 obviously still takes pictures. Better is the enemy of good. And it is good gear is getting better.

As much as I like my G6, the G85 will replace it in the next year. The new kid on the block has too many good features to miss it.

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While it is nice to have the choice between the blue and yellow color-scheme it would be great if there would be another - less colorful/saturated - alternative, say white or light-grey.

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On article Just deployed: New dpreview.com forums system (699 comments in total)
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Andrewteee: I know there is no going back, but I prefer the old layout. It was much easier to scan. The new layout has too much chrome (vs content) and there is too much "air/space" around content. I think the color palette and the layout can be tweaked to improve on those challenges. As it stands now I find the forums hard to browse. For what it is worth...

I agree as well that this new layout does make it hard to browse and find an interesting thread in the first place. The two lines (or three lines, depending on the subject) forum index is a step backwards. Before we had all the information at one glance, the layout steady.

To me it seems as if this new forum system is a concession to mobile device users, especially ones with so-called "smart"phones. Well, I don't own a cell-phone at all and like to surf the net with my desktop or laptop computer. I reckon I won't spend too much time at Dpreview anymore since it is for me an uncomfortable place now.

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