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ProfHankD: The non-Bayer CFA here is basically that this is half of a monochrome sensor with sparse, 2x2 correlated, color sampling in between. That makes a lot of sense in that people tend not to notice color misalignments, typical codecs don't really record full color info anyway, it increases effective ISO (3X the light passes a clear filter), and binning isn't really discarding color information.

Despite the correlation (which is why 2x2 binning is so easy), each clear pixel does have a red, blue, and green next to it in the pattern used, so arguably the color resolution isn't really hurt much -- that's a lot smarter than just replacing each Bayer pixel with a 2x2 of 2 colored and 2 clear pixels. They do have a basic pattern repeat block that is 6x6 rather than 2x2, and that's a little interesting in that 3 is no computer's favorite number and 6x6 tiles don't pack so nicely into 8x8 DCT blocks for JPEG and various video encodings. Overall, it's a smart pattern for small pixels....

Is there an illustration available online of the pixel layout you are describing? (No, I didn't watch the video.)

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Hubertus Bigend: The problem Olympus will be facing trying to sell that new 150-400 x1.25 to professionals is that the prospect for substantially higher-res sensors is dim now, while APS-C and FF have increased their megapixels substantially in the last few years, getting closer and closer in telephoto reach and thereby reducing the disadvantage in size and weight of the lenses for telephoto shooters, too. I know that not everyone needs more, and neither do I, but how does Olympus want to compete in the high-end segment with a four years old 20 MP sensor, while high-end APS-C has an excellent 32 MP sensor and high-end FF is offering resolutions between 40 and 60 MP?

So what is the selling point of the Canon EOS R6? I could understand a lower resolution sensor if the camera were video oriented like the Panasonic 5s; is that the case here?

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On article Fujifilm is developing a 400TB tape media drive (114 comments in total)

"Fujifilm is one of just two producers of tape media (the other being Sony)"

So 3M is out of the magnetic tape business?

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On photo Rainbow 🌈 of Friendship 🤝 in the rainbow challenge challenge (18 comments in total)

Hooray for the OM-D E-M5!

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stupormundi: "The Olympus PEN E-PL5, 6, 7, 8 ,9 ,10 is an entry-level mirrorless camera that uses the Micro Four Thirds lens mount, sports a 16 Megapixel sensor and in-body image stabilization. Its compact body and easy-to-use touch-based interface make it ideal for beginners and families,"

At least give it new sensor to mark the passing of time. Or some toy color scheme.

I still see no reason to update from an E-PL6 because I don't really "do" video. But keep bringing them on, it might deflate used prices even more.

Even when the PENs allegedly came in colors, it seems like you couldn't *buy* them in colors. The Olympus website would show the different color options (it doesn't show any options anymore), but to actually purchase them you would be referred to retailers, who never had the cool colors.

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Smaug01: Really good review. I'm an owner of the original FZ1000 and was keen to see the differences, and the comparison tools are really useful.

My other digital camera is an Olympus E-M10.3, which has a larger sensor, but less resolution. In comparing the images between the two, the (outdoor) quality is almost a wash, due to the extra 4 MP of the FZ1000 II sensor. Going to a 20 MP sensor on µ4/3 Olympus, we lose any semblance of cost equality. (Panasonic µ4/3 cameras are priced better for their spec, but have really blah aesthetic design)

The reviewer did a really good job of quantifying when one might want to dig deep into his wallet for the Sony RX10.

The mark 3 OM-D's and the 1" sensor superzooms both have 20MP, but if you do the math with sensor size, the OM-D's are diffraction limited for any lens with an f-number above 3.7 while the Sony and Panasonic 1" are diffraction limited above f/2.6 (assuming 530nm green light.) The way I see it, the bridge cameras are pushing too many pixels already, and the micro four thirds cameras should just stop with what they've got and improve other things instead.

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SirHarry: For 50 bucks more you have the olympus 12-200mm f3.5-f6.3 lens (24-400mm 455grams). Yeah, I know no camera, but I wonder which lens is the better of the two in terms of optical quality.

Thank you for letting me know about the Oly 12-200mm. I haven't had the money to buy lenses for some time, so this flew completely under my radar. Not that I will be buying this one any time soon either, but it is nice to know that I could make my Oly behave like a compact superzoom, with better image quality.

A shame the 12-200 doesn't have OIS like the 12-100 though...

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sh10453: ,
I hope Panasonic would consider a manual zoom ring (for very FAST zooming) in the next generation of this line of cameras.

Not going to upgrade at this time.

I suspect that the engineers who designed it are horrified by the prospect of letting one of us ham-fisted primates torque their exquisite gearing manually.

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mount evans: One number I don't see in the physical specs is the size of the filter thread. Can you screw a polarizer onto the FZ1000 or not?

Thanks. Would be nice if they included this in the physical specifications.

This is the sort of detail that lets enthusiasts think of this as a real camera. Also, helpful when shooting rainbows.

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One number I don't see in the physical specs is the size of the filter thread. Can you screw a polarizer onto the FZ1000 or not?

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