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Walking 14 hours for a wedding shot in a bad weather is quite something - of course when you are in love, it is a bit easier. Congratulations! Have a happy marriage and I hope you will not go back again to celebrate your eventual first born...:-)
Only one question: who made the picture?

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Monkey business. PETA seems to be an opportunistic organization seeking publicity. Never mind destroying Slater's life, own interest is to be in the news (how much did PETA really for Sulawesi monkeys?). Kafka could write a book about this surreal situation. Unfortunately he is already dead. PETA can feel sight of relief because of that but it should feel ashamed instead. But do not expect that. That does not earn attention and money. Poor Slater.

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Congratulation Ion! You have dared to do what many (semi)professional photographers will never dare. It is the photographer who makes amazing pictures, technique is of secondary importance. Starting as 12-years old with "pinhole" type camera and developing my B&W films, I ended 55 years later with Nikon D300s. Should I upgrade to D500? To have more pixels, speed, ever higher ISO? Such improved features are useful in extreme situations but those (at least for me ) are rare. And the prints up to 60x80 cm with my current camera are great.
I have seen too many so-called professionals with expensive equipment who fail because of not understanding basics. It is especially painful during wedding photos, a situation where one cannot go and have a second try.
Of course, everybody is free to upgrade when he/she wants and spend as such as want/can. The gain is usually marginal, if visible at all. Good photographer can make good picture with (nearly) any camera.

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Do upper bars include the bottom part as well? Probably not but to stack bar chart on top of each other is amateurish, difficult to read and confusing. Why the authors did not use a simple but clear line chart I do not know. And compare smartphones with cameras is like comparing apples with oranges...Pity.

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"Levi is a film technician and founder for The rescued Film Project looking for lost and forgotten rolls of films". When he actually finds something big, he cannot manage it himself and ask for money. Why he started such venture then in the first place? And has this "film technician" only money for developing 1 roll? And if he cannot cope because of the sheer amount of films, why he does not provide more info about the source? It seems that nowadays the people can ask for crowd-funding even without bothering to do any preparatory work or give sufficient background information. Do your homework first, man.

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Camera for only B&W photos with offer of 10 different colors...very inventive, very logical.

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If it was such interesting addition to a well-established company as GoPro, why they should not do it themselves? A strange story of Lensbaby - they do not have 30.000 $ themselves? This "story" should not to be trusted and surely not to be funded from our pockets...

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Can somebody explain to me what was the purpose of this silly exercise except ruining a camera by loosing track of some screws and a spring? Not to mention the entry of dust and possible maladjustment... OK, DPR can buy another one, but others? Quite expensive Lego game...As a photographer I am interested what comes out not what is in. And the most interesting is that all the comments go about details of this exercise and not about its silliness. Really weird.

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There is a logical mistake in arguments of the (quite limited) research. People make pictures to remember better. Their purpose to look back at them days, months or years after. They help to remember the details a context that should be otherwise long time forgotten. But of course, if you don't look first and shoot continuously and never print pics or even look back at them (as it happens nowadays often) a very little will remains in the memory in any case...

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It is really a great camera and I use it (more and more) besides or instead my Nikon 300s. One really serious flaw is the original battery (1000 mA) - it starts to collapse after 20 photos (is new!). The newly bought second one manages 100 pics (with less than 10 flash photos) but that is still far below useful number. Bought now aftermarket one (1400 mA) and hope it will solve my problem. My advice is to have full backup battery ready anytime!

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