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Camediadude: I watched it, I am not sure that I get this. Native Americans are eligible for significant financial assistance more than any other ethnicity here. These include grants and scholarships, preference in admissions, food, medical, and child aid and welfare of numerous types, and housing assistance. In many states (like mine) they are granted the exclusive privileged of owning and running the state casinos, and all of the profits that come with them. So, unless these folks are seriously spending on drugs and alcohol, gambling and other pursuits, and mismanaging the funds.. or having them embezzled disastrously by their tribal leaders, I really do not see the point in all of this ethnocentric finger-pointing and blaming of the U.S. government and the American people for having the gall to be here. Indeed, their were wars going on here in past centuries, and injustices committed by ALL.

The Black Hills to the Lakota are sacred. How would Catholics feel if Vatican City were stolen from them and then used as a market place? How would a Moslem feel if Mecca and Medina were stolen from them and desecrated? Same thing with the Lakota/Dakota and the Black Hills.

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Seems Hitler got his ideas for concentration camps from the designs of the U.S. Indian Reservations.

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