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The design and specifications of this camera is close to my dream compact camera. The lens doesn't have to be retracted when not in use but still keeps in relatively flat dimensions. This helps reduce power consumption and eliminate the failure of lens stretching mechanism. EVF gives convenience to we old boys to view through the camera. However, I would prefer the display panel fixed which may lead to even a smaller camera size.

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It would be better to have an optical viewfinder for this camera for it is not to costly to include one with only fixed focal length lens

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lbpix: For me ANY viewfinder is better than no viewfinder; the thing is for composing photos quickly in bright sunlight or coal cellar, while holding the camera steady and without having to put on reading glasses (which I need). Yes the hybrid veiwfinder on X100 is fantastic but much too pricey and limited with no zoom. This viewfinder looks to be better than G12 / P7100 which are this camera's only competition
This is the first camera small & light enough to carry for hours, which will cover 95% of photo opportunities. If I want interchangeable lenses I'll take my SLR & backpack. This is as near to an ideal 'travel light' camera as I've seen.

totally agree with your view on viewfinder it's the thing many manufacturers mistakenly dump

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Optical viewfinder or EVF other than the effect of stabilising the camera is also desperately needed by middle aged people like me who are still resisting spectacle on their faces.

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