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Re Blind Spot. This may be due to receiver and transmitter being too close to each other. Transmitters and receivers generate radio waves & electromagnetic fields which will interfere with each other and cause misfires, missed communication re settings. The design of the shielding on the units in relation to the frequency used allows this to happen. This is the Pocket Wizzard-Canon flash problem from a few years ago.

The problem becomes worse the closer you get as the fields get stronger. A particular angle may be more susceptible to interference. You have to experiment to see where the gear is more suspectable. A practical fix is to separate the gear relative to the transmitter and receiver.

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jyw5: I would rather pay more and buy a Ferragamo or Bottega Veneta bag.

I would have ordered the Backpack in Denim only that's not my best color and I can't bring myself to give up Prada for photographers

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On article Sigma SD Quattro H Review (691 comments in total)
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Dimitris Servis: Looks like a pretty interesting camera but I wonder how it would work with my existing manual full frame lenses. I don't really care about high ISO and I don't care about the colors which are just different to the ones of other cameras, not wrong. Anyone shooting film is more used to ISOs smaller than 1600 and a different character built into different negatives and slides.

Interesting comment regarding adding Large Format lens to a Digital body. I don't know if anyone is making a large format lens adapter for Sigma mount! In theory, you get better acuity and micro contrast with fewer elements if the lens is well designed and built. You could make your own adapter using 3d printing it would not be coupled and could be a work around!

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When I moved from 4X5 to digital I bought the Merill DP2&3 for Landscape work. Sigma Merrills matched the results I got with large format. It's slow to use, long to process, battery life?????, you should use a tripod, cable release, shoot at low ISO pray for no wind..... just like landscape photographers have always done. Want run and gun point and shoot go spend millions of $$$ on a Sony/Nikon/Canon. It's a tool stupid!.

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On article Nikon D7500: Should I upgrade from my D7200? (282 comments in total)
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Fujica: There is no reason to upgrade from the D7200 to the D7500.
It would make no sense. It will not make you a better photographer and it just has nothing to offer that makes the upgrade really necessary.

I do not see the target audience for Nikon with the D7500.
In more then a few ways its a downgrade from the D7200.

Such a pity to see Nikon fall so hard as if they loose all grip on how to run a camerabusiness.

I think Nikon should really reconsider its line-up.
All that is needed is:

1 low end APS-C Model
1 Mid end APS-C Model
1 High end APS-C Model

1 Mid end FF
1 Mid end High Res FF
1 High end model.

So that makes 6 camera models in total instead of 13.
You could even ask yourself if it is worth to even make a low end model these days.

Also I think its about time to move to mirrorless.
Even though some still think it is not the future - I am personally convinced that DSLR are on the end of their life cycle. The next innovation in this market will be global triggered shutters.

Agree with you I think the d7500 is aimed at all who with older gear like the D90. Lots of this gear works perfectly well- outside of the video. And that is the rub. The D90 had the D300 sensor and processor which for what it is works great for those who (I owned one) owned one!

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On article Nikon D7500: Should I upgrade from my D7200? (282 comments in total)

I have a D7200 and am happy with it and I don’t plan to upgrade to the D7500.

A lot has been said - myself included - about lack of a 2nd slot. Does it matter?

The processor and sensor come from the D500 in a lower cost body. Image Quality should be on par with the D500. Leaving out the 2nd slot reinforces what looks like some of the stupid decisions Nikon management has made over the years.

I do take issue with lack of AI.

There are a lot of manual focus legacy lenses which some, Yannick Khong, have made the case for lower element count prime lenses producing superior image quality. This is important when considering micro contrast and acuity. As a landscape shooter who still has 4x5 view cameras the case can be made for AI indexing.

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On article Nikon D7500: Should I upgrade from my D7200? (282 comments in total)

I have a D7200, think the D7500 is a D5600 upgrade for a lot more money. There are lots of comments on the internet about d7200 features left out of the D7500.

It comes down to $$$$ vs features that were dropped on this camera body. It looks like 4k video and the D500 Sensor at a D7200 price.

I wont upgrade.

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On article Nikon D7500 vs Nikon D500: Which is better for you? (397 comments in total)

This goes to decisions by Nikon Management. This looks like lets get more money for less functionality by branding, marketing and trying to fool the public!

I give them the video and processing. The rest is largely a remade D5XXX. I get iteration. The branding to get money for less functionality--- less battery???? really????--- is a management decision.

Nikon management is less than stellar. A class managers hire A players and B & C managers hire C players because that is how to look good. Nikon management = C players making D level decisions.

Its telling in a year when we got lots of great products from Nikon; the 2-500 zoom, D5, D500 etc. that we also get mediocre management decisions.

The camera is good for what it is BUT not at $1200 which is the same price as a D 7200 - which I own - and is a better camera.

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On article Nikon D7500 vs Nikon D500: Which is better for you? (397 comments in total)

Based on specs the D7500 is an upgrade of the D5600 and not a D7200 upgrade. Think about it you are paying $1200 for a $800.00 D5700/D7500 !!!! Brilliant marketing not that much technology. Say what you will about the the Angry Photographer who first pointed this out as far as I know. I am keeping my D7200 and buying used glass. Go for the D500 if you can afford it.

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On article Nikon D7500: What you need to know (540 comments in total)

Ony issue i see - and I am not certain about this - is lack of 2nd card like my D7200 has. Its good to have for safety. I use 2nd card in RAW as a backup which I always leave in camera! I dont shoot Jpeg and have never had a card failure. Card fail can happen. Remote backup is problemaic too. Teathered in studio works. Nikon Software is alwasy generations behind. What about outdoors backup?? Everthing else looks really good. Kudos for touchscreen.

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fatdeeman: Although it's a shame the tech doesn't get the respect it deserves, I'm glad that Sigma develops it because if Canon/Nikon/Samsung etc had suffered the same lack of commercial success they would have dropped it years ago. Sigma have done this out of love and probably made little or no profit. It might not make them millions but I'm sure there's a sense of satisfaction in possessing what is in some aspects the best sensor tech out there.

I agree with Zavrts comment. I own DM2M & DP3M. It’s like when I shot film and view camera. You produced relatively few images at lower ISO and did a lot of post processing for contrast before you got into the darkroom where you spent a lot of time post processing. A friend who shoots cars and motorcycles commercially once told me I spend all weekend working on a few images to get one great image while he spends all weekend editing 1500 images to get to get a few great images

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JT26: What is all the horrible green and magenta colour at ISO 400 and above? If this is not correctable in camera I see no point in buying such a camera really... Unless you are heavily invested into Sigma lenses and shoot in a studio.


And you hav to pay attention when shooting into the sun too these color casts have shown up for some time now.

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TN Args: Nevertheless, for the ultimate Sigma camera image experience, Sigma Photo Pro (SPP) produces even better raw files than the DNG that you are so happy with. Glad you guys are enjoying the DNG. If you want the ultimate and hate to play with SPP it is quite painless to batch process all X3F files in SPP using presets, to produce 16-bit TIFF files that don't even involve opening the SPP Editor module, not even once.

My personal workflow is to batch all X3F files in SPP to max quality JPEGs that are quite beautiful and easy to work with and about 15 MB (for a standard Quattro) (probably 20 MB for the H version), and then, only for absolute favourites, go back into SPP and either batch 16-bit TIFFs or if I feel it is warranted, open SPP Editor and tailor-edit the TIFF. Therefore my workflow (a) avoids the SPP editor interface, (b) produces delightful files that are mostly only 15 MB each, (c ) enables 14-bit 'ultimate' raw production for select files, better than the DNG. Worth considering.

SPP is free there is no cost its downloadable from the Sigma website for your country.

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Hmmm. I'm, an Ex View Camera shooter who owns Sigma Merrill’s and this makes me re think my workflow... It’s still show up at dawn, shoot at ISO 100, use a big heavy tripod, use a cable release, and pray for no wind...... now without the clunky workflow. Well Done Sigma. Many bloggers have postulated about DNG in Camera and only Sigma has the courage to do this for cameras most of us can afford.

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Not aimed at anything in particular. In engineering when everyone works in a single department your existing projects tend to suck resources dry leaving little time to take on new projects outside of the project plan. This leaves little room for new projects outside of what’s on the project plan. Done company wide and you suck engineering resources company wide. Rhetorical Question: Where is the room for innovation? If the engineering skill fit one set of specs and innovation takes another you don’t have resources. I suspect this reinfore3s top down management from Nikon.

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Thanks for the article. I reciently lost some shots due to grand children moving to fast even for my rear FL button! Its got me thinking about how i need to know my gear better. As Ansel Adams said 'The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!' ...

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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (892 comments in total)

Wow many more comments than normal!

Formula is simple Tripod = EVF; Handheld/Monopod = OVF.

I have both and found for any action photograph OVF is the way to go. For landscape, studio, even single shot street work EVF is great.

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On article Our favorite gear, rewarded: DPReview Awards 2016 (271 comments in total)
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George Zip: Let the arguing begin

Ahh as Richard III said now is the winter of our discontent.....

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On reversing the focus ring and zoom control. I am seeing a lot of pro comments that don't like this decision and question Nikon for doing this.

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70-200 specs look good, Criticism Nikon looks like Microsoft gets it right the 3rd time. I think i am sticking with my 80-200 $500 used! I don't go on safari, shoot weddings, and other than my grandchildren playing soccer, too much sports.

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