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  • David Bo - in return, we'd be grateful for nothing from you in a thread re Nikon stuff - only fair wouldn't you say?

  • Something I don’t understand about this lens (and the Z mount generally) and the comments about it.

    Seems that just about everyone (incl well known names that normally never have a good word to...

  • What is the definition of the ‘cost of a nifty fifty?’

  • SGiP - No. Price of course is relative to what the market will pay - and my local dealer is pleased with what’s going out of the door - incl mine very shortly.

  • @Barney - I know!! The trouble with a written comment - any sarcasm/satire towards Mr(s) LessMirrored19 is lost!

  • Less Mirrored - I know, that's why I won't be bothering with it. I didn't know the price though, thanks. And thanks for your ever-useful comments on any threads to do with Nikon.

  • I'm now more in than before! The Z6 + 24-70 is working beautifully and is a joy to handle/use but I wasn't going to bother with this lens as I already have the ubiquitous 1.8 G and 1.4D for use on...

  • Just when I thought the ‘new’ Nikon management was starting to see sense - canning N1, Key Mission etc to clear the decks, clarify the product focus etc and save resources for forthcoming FF MILC- ...

  • Good for you in giving the camera a 'chance' before your final assessment. I recently sold my D750 (a big wrench!) to fund a Z6 kit. There is no doubt that there is a bit of an AF learning curve ...
  • @mgblack74 - yes, the D850 is a great machine so I'm not surprised! I kept my Df (which I'll never sell) as a bit of a DSLR 'back up'. The AF is D610 vintage of course but OK - but the stills image...

  • @Brian Homer - entirely agree. I went as far as selling my 750 (was a bit painful!) to fund it but I have no regrets whatsoever, the 6 is a great machine. The AF is at least as good as the 750 IMO...

  • As soon as this lens was announced I finally came off the fence and sold my D750 + two of the 2.8 zooms for a Z6 kit. The 24-70 is superb and much more portable than the 2.8 - can’t say that I miss...

  • Replied in Sell it!
    Like many, I have kept older bodies ‘just in case’. i had been well and truly on the fence about whether to jump into Z land, partly financial but also partly because I didn’t really want to part ...
  • Likewise. I was happy with my D750 and was on the fence about when to go all in - the news about the forthcoming lens (and roadmap) plus firmware updates pushed me over. The D750, 14-24 and 24-70...

  • The 14-24 2.8 went this morning as part of the Z6 kit deal. A bit like you, I'm not bothered about the 2.8 'loss' - extra ISO makes up for it and I can't say that a composition needed a 2.8 ...
  • I wasn't particularly clear - I meant adding the 14-24 2.8 to the trade in alongside the 24-70 2.8! Both monsters but I will replace the 14-24 with the forthcoming lens at a lot less weight.
  • Thanks for your reply - the 14-24 went this morning towards the Z6 kit! Good deal, I'm happy and can manage until the new one comes out.
  • I meant whether to add the 14-24 as part of the trade in. I do use that fairly often but I suspect that I'll get more for it now rather than wait until the new one comes out.
  • Sorry - typo! Yes, I mean the Z6!
  • Created discussion thread Ditch the 14-24 2.8 now!?
    Curse you Nikon! I’m about to trade my D750 + 24-70 2.8 towards a D6 kit and am now wondering whether to throw the above into the financial mix too? Not sure whether the value of such lenses will ...
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