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Pentax SLR 1983-2000; digicams 2000-07; Alpha A200 2008-09; back to Pentax 2009 to present. Now shooting NX300 and ePM2.

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  • Replied in new GM1?
    I cannot speak for 'new', but the GM1 is a great camera for me. I recently tried several Olympus bodies (PM2, PL5, EM5/10 Classics) and while images were great the interface/menus just didn't sit ...
  • I went with the Lumix 14-42 II lens, with no regrets. I use the extra 10mm on top more than I'd use the 2mm below. It also takes the same 46mm filters as their 35-100mm tiny tele - though some day ...
  • I was shopping for a DA lens and found several copies of this 'used' for even less than its typical low price. Some folks are dismissing it before giving it a fair trial, it seems - I nearly took ...
  • I "avoided" your problem by taking in a 3rd system ;-) Pentax has always been a great fit for me, the GM1 is the tiny fair-weather camera.. and my wife wants us to keep our matching NX300s while ...
  • I'll stick with my tiny stabilized Pentax-M 100/2.8 - but for those who seek absolutes this should serve them very well!

  • I'll be seeking one of these to go with a flash-free K-3ii some day.. :-)

  • Replied in WAIT!
    1. one of each, until you know for sure that you already sold your favorite 2. same as #1 3. bring 'em all, you only live once 4. no single bag will do, see 1-3 5. equivalence means everyone else ...
  • The fact that this cam will outsell every Pentax dSLR really speaks to the distortions that a 'big name' has brought to this market. Pentax was as big a name as any in my day (and most folks'...

  • ..nor do they swap out the kit lens, therefore why have dust removal?

  • The K-1 allows you to select crop mode any time. The issue I'd have for large-scale astrophotography is the size of the counterweight needed will go up with that body. Still not as bad as many FF ...
  • Still several classic K-mount lenses in hand here, plus a couple of T-mount telephotos. My most curious lens is the JCPenney 80-200 f/3.5, an M42 zoom with 9 aperture blades and a tripod mount. As...

  • Interesting discovery by Pentax users: the included software can perform motion-correction with the K-3ii in Pixel Shift full-color mode. That feature was considered unique to the K-1 which can do...

  • Excellent colours, well captured :)
  • Commented on article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review

    it's not clear (to me) in the reviews if they adjusted any Focus Hold or Expanded AF area paramaters in the AF tests. Did I miss that or did they just shoot at default AFc settings, whatever they...

  • Hm, then why is Canon/Nikon necessary for 'serious mirrorless'? Excellent options are available without either 5-letter word up front. My EM10 and NX300 serve me very well. edit - and my K-01!
  • Replied in Samsung NX
    The NX system is stacked with pancakes - the 16/2.4 and 10 fisheye may not match the 30/2 overall, but you sure can keep the system small. I see no reason to sell off my nx300 + 16-50PZ (P=power ...
  • My new NX is an em10, similar features but silly-poor menu structure and phraseology compared to other brands. Similar in other ways though, and IQ is plenty good enough - comparable to my nx300 ...
  • It definitely shows that timing and a creative eye can do great things with a basic kit lens in today's world. The f/2-2.8 monster zoom would be great fun and perhaps better under extreme scrutiny ...
  • Excellent shot of a beautiful scene. Other than cloning out the magenta moon-echo, I don't see much room for improvement.
  • My YoCam arrived today. It will do just fine for what I need it to do, since I have other cameras to do other work. It updated FW and linked to my phone with little effort. Should be fun for...

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