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Pentax SLR 1983-2000; digicams 2000-07; Alpha A200 2008-09; back to Pentax 2009-16 with m4:3 on the side 2010-17. Now shooting GX1+ GX7.


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photoMEETING: Sensor 6.17 x 4.55 mm: No thanks.

I had read elsewhere of a 2/3" sensor..that would have been a bit more worthy.

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Still have my 5Mpx P505. I cannot find the battery, but $10 will bring it back to life!

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xectis: So Pentax/Ricoh is not paying too much attention to mirrorless. Not such a clever thinking.

I'd love to see the Limited optics even tinier + with m43 AF/AE, but that would not be a simple shift I expect.

Link | Posted on Apr 6, 2018 at 01:13 UTC
On article The New York Times is looking to hire a Photo Director (66 comments in total)

I'm happy with photodirector version 8, but they can afford v9..

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AbrasiveReducer: They said the same thing when Samsung got into those flat screen TVs.

toughluck indeed. I fear the NX ship has sailed, and sunk.

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AbrasiveReducer: They said the same thing when Samsung got into those flat screen TVs.

.. and the NX cameras.

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The K-1 is Ricoh's thank-you to loyal Pentax users, and those users are quite happy with it. The camera clearly attracted outside interest, and many of those users demand 4k60 video and lightning AF in all conditions with flawless prediction and dozens of nearly identical modern lenses. To join Pentax these folks will need to either change their expectations, run two systems, or use an excellent stills-oriented camera and be forever miserable.

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The Fat Fish: It's about as much of an upgrade over the K1 as the 6DII was over the 6D. Granted in this case it hasn't taken any steps back and it is only two years but I would still expect some more noticeable improvements in a "MK II" camera.

They could have at least updated the video functionality to make it an all rounder like the D850 and A7RIII.

K-mount is not ideal for video as it has used so many mechanical parts up to now. The KAF4 is coming around but few lenses are at that level yet; retaining history/compatibility is more important to P/Ricoh than top-notch video specs.

Marketers have conditioned so many of us that only the latest gear is worth owning; if one is able to abandon that and use the green button and aperture-focus rings, it's amazing how affordable K-glass becomes.

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Curious that the official samples are all what about 22:9 format? Nice shots but not a native format; toss in a square one please?

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 first impressions (379 comments in total)
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MacM545: 80 megapixels is a lot! What lens would you need to be optically superb enough to justify that many pixels?

hi-res mode works "similarly to competitors' offerings, and takes eight shots.."

Unless you consider Pentax a competitor that goes for full color per pixel rather than adding pixels.. and takes half as many shots? Oh never mind Pentax competes with nobody :^/

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Thanks for the update! I wonder if the kaf4 aperture pin is in play, still a bit early for such details..

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Sorry Adobe but I've been tainted. Google will absolutely support Picasa -er Photos, -er whatever they choose that serves *them* best. I can keep my photos right where I want them without promises that may or may not come true.

And you other image-software groups that make me log into the web before the program even runs? Not my cup of cocoa, too many other options.

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kobakokh: i never had in my comp Lightroom, just Capture one and DxoOptics... Both of them work better then Lightroom... yes they cost not cheap but no need to pay every month. I think in future finally Adobe will ask money every hours, after in every minutes, seconds... Its a way how to catch more and more money from customers. Also: there is a Zoner Studio - full free alternative, with near identical futures, and its work way faster... Apple did very bad job when finished to develop the Aperture - great application, or didn't make it open sourse, free, and also for Windows platform... Finally marketing always kill all.

You didn't use it but know the others work better? I need to hire you to buy my next camera!

Link | Posted on Oct 20, 2017 at 04:25 UTC

Thanks for spelling out DAM now and tcourses.those of us who didn't take "geek as 2nd language" courses.

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grasscatcher: Would love to see collaboration between Samsung and Panasonic. Both have different products, but seem to have similar philosophies on bringing the latest, greatest tech to market in an easily-useable package.

Even the nx300 sensor had the PDAF points though no BSI. Several companies could use that tech, only the latest K-P body has on-chip focus for Pentax.

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mosc: Why? Can't you get an APS-C DSLR for <$500 that beats the Q?

Is this for real?

The Q secret is in the crop factor. A 400mm lens becomes ~ 2000mm with 12Mpixels of resolution, or 1000mm with this boost to lower ISO. Sound silly but many online images show that it works well.

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JosephScha: Re: "At 150 x 130 x 190mm (WxDxH), the Billingham 72 is the ideal size for premium fixed lens cameras such as the Leica Q, Fujifilm X100 range or Sony DSC-RX1R series, and many small mirrorless system cameras with one standard lens, such as the Fujifilm X-T2, Olympus OMD E-M series, Leica M rangefinders or Canon EOS M kits."
So, no mention of Panasonic. Not ideal for G80, G7, GH5? Is it just me, or is Panasonic the most overlooked camera brand?

I came from Pentax, so I'm used to it.

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tex: Hmmm...whatever happened to that 645Z score that mysteriously disappeared?

Guess they decided it wasn't a camera. Wonder if the Fuji will qualify?

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sirhawkeye64: i'm honestly considering getting a film SLR camera to play around with now that film seems to be coming back... even if it's just for a short time (a few years before it might die off again) at least I'll have had the chance to shoot film on a film SLR (I always had the cheapy point and shoot film cameras--never a nice film camera, and certainly not an SLR). In fact, I'm glad that many schools who teach photography start people out with B&W and film photography first before they can even use a digital camera. makes on really think about their captures more because each click on a film camera is money you've basically just spend. Not like digital where we can discard it and try again (well you can with film, but it would get expensive after a while). One of my friends had to use an old SLR film camera for her first photography class, and the second class, all pictures had to be in B&W, once they mastered exposure and basic compositional elements using a manual film camera.

I used my Ricoh XR-10 to shoot the eclipse. Too bad the lab didn't know how to deal with it :-(
Where's a Fotomat when you need one? Oh yeah - selling mochas.

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If someone had pulled into a dark parking lot and deployed a 6" telescope? Nothing left but a crater I fear. What a world.. or just a country?

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