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Pentax SLR 1983-2000; digicams 2000-07; Alpha A200 2008-09; back to Pentax 2009-16 with m4:3 on the side 2010-17. Now shooting GX1+ GX7.


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sirhawkeye64: i'm honestly considering getting a film SLR camera to play around with now that film seems to be coming back... even if it's just for a short time (a few years before it might die off again) at least I'll have had the chance to shoot film on a film SLR (I always had the cheapy point and shoot film cameras--never a nice film camera, and certainly not an SLR). In fact, I'm glad that many schools who teach photography start people out with B&W and film photography first before they can even use a digital camera. makes on really think about their captures more because each click on a film camera is money you've basically just spend. Not like digital where we can discard it and try again (well you can with film, but it would get expensive after a while). One of my friends had to use an old SLR film camera for her first photography class, and the second class, all pictures had to be in B&W, once they mastered exposure and basic compositional elements using a manual film camera.

I used my Ricoh XR-10 to shoot the eclipse. Too bad the lab didn't know how to deal with it :-(
Where's a Fotomat when you need one? Oh yeah - selling mochas.

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If someone had pulled into a dark parking lot and deployed a 6" telescope? Nothing left but a crater I fear. What a world.. or just a country?

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Suave: So dumbing down Picasa just once was not enough?

Indeed. I'm ready to find a version of Android so old that Google won't bother to 'improve' it any more. It's just not worth getting interested in their products when it's one (auto)update away from mutating into something I cannot bear to use.
I really liked Picasa for 75% of my work and nearly all my online uploads.

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On article Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III (209 comments in total)
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Nixyz: "Sadly, Olympus has removed the feature that allows the flash to remotely control off-board flashguns."

Can't think of a reason why they did this.

It's a win for the marketing arm. No doubt Oly would rather sell a Pen-f or EM1 instead of a mk.III EM10 to every ootential owner.

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Good stuff. My action cam will do shadow-watching duties and an old Hanimar 400/6.3 preset can catch closeups with my micro4:3 body and tripod. One more in hand (wife's m4:3) for surprises!

I've printed out one of the lists of settings to set in advance - now if only I would actually read it before the 21st.. :-o

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marc petzold: Well, i can honestly say, that i was PSP (Paint Shop Pro) User since Version 1.0, for real...when it was a very small, little Shareware Tool. I've used it with Windows 3.0a back then. :-) For many years, i haven't had an alternative Software, and JASC was way okay - so i sticked with it. I've 1st looked into PS (Photoshop) when it was at Version 3.0, but knowing it much earlier...the coming years, i've looked at PS here & there at friends, coworkers, etc..but found the GUI too complicated.

Finally, i've went the PSP Route p to X2 12.50, whileas having used PS on my own since CS4, CS5, and currently since years stick with CS6, because it does all i ever wanted. I have tried many alternatives, but always coming back to PS, because there is no alternative for me. I dislike the PSP GUI since some iterations, and somehow feel too limited by it's GUI and RAW capabilities.

To each their own, what suits one best.

Good Light !

I went with LView instead, still use v.1d occasionally for fast simple operations. Those were the days, EGA & 16 colors ;-)

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YorkM: It is nice excuse that delay of supply is caused by more orders than planned. However, I reluctant to hear the same excuse many times. It is no more good marketing method to limit supply to keep price. Canon is too much confident not to lose customers to other brand.
For Nikon D5, they should be shame not to supply by the anniversary time. I cannot understand the delay because its special edition but base D5 is there.

Nikon definitely needs a no-recall camera ASAP, so they are well served to slow down if anything at all feels rushed. As to demand issues, it's hard for users to fathom why that should slow down the first shipment.

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Different tools for different views: wide action cam for video and 4:3 cam on a tripod for raw telephoto shots of corona and diamond ring. And much more real-time watching than i did in 1979!

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On article SainSonic launches 50mm F1.1 lens for APS-C cameras (252 comments in total)

You forgot to mention the $0.50 shipping charge..

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DPPMetro: Unfortunately, Pentax has nothing in this range because the K-3ii has been discontinued and a replacement is doubted to be on the horizon.

DPP - Wow I had no idea that Pentax users had such an effect on others :o

22cod - perhaps Ricoh is like us, spending a bit more than it can afford to make cameras as a hobby?

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On article First pictures from the new Nikon 8-15mm fisheye (139 comments in total)
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GlobalGuyUSA: What focal length is a 15mm fisheye, if de-fished? 16mm? 17mm? 18mm?

My Pentax 17-28mm fisheye on APSc sensor shows left-right coverage similar to a 14mm rectilinear. Even at 28mm one gets wider coverage than a straight 28, though I don't have anything to compare it to.

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On article 2017 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $900-1200 (478 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: Maybe you're counting the cost of a lens as well? The Pen F has always been $1199 and these days it's a grand. Might be a good choice for someone trying to keep the size and weight less than Fuji or Sony.

With equivalent lens attached, yes. That depends on how you define the magic word 'equivalent' however..

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Gesture: Interesting dynamics in the photo industry, as Pentax has brought forth quality product since Ricoh involvement and Panasonic has some of the most interesting, less like others platforms in a me-too industry. Getting EVFs in compacts so well is just one example. GH platform, of course, another. If I were doing Vlogging as a semi-living, the GH and GX (?) models would be of interest to me.

I've always really enjoyed my Pentax dSLRs - but I never ran into aperture-control block or SDM motor failure. Like Nikon and other systems, Pentax makes (high) quality products with the occasional issue. I'd love to own a K-1 with all its 'problems'! And I'd love to be an employee, a few more bucks in the bank and a K-1 employee discount.. ;)

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Did he really say G8? Which one is that in my country??
The language barrier is nothing compared to Lumix naming conventions in 2017..

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BrightTiger: Panasonic... for your p̶h̶o̶t̶o̶g̶r̶a̶p̶h̶y̶ video needs. He tries to placate the photo side but as one reads the rest of the article, there's no warm fuzzy that photography is anywhere near a priority. Yes the world is more video driven - no problem there. But for straight photography.. meh. Sort of the opposite of Canon and Nikon. But the trends favor videography so it's a money play.

Even more the anti Pentax, where video is available because ..well why not ;)

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I have Sony turned off in my headline-preference settings but your "enthusiasm" clearly trumps my settings. I am not reading this article, just posting my experience here so dpr will know something isn't working as expected.

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Wish it took my NX lenses.. I guess it does, for cold storage!

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On article Pentax KP Review (664 comments in total)
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Kurt_K: Strange that there is no mention of video in the con list.

It's OK, pretty much any recent Pentax review will still cover their video specs. Definitely not a Pentax strong suit - effective but no bells and just one whistle ;-)

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On article Pentax KP Review (664 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: ricoh just as leica has always respected their customers with dng files

not sure if pre ricoh pentax did it

interesting camera.... but i think having such a poor battery was unwise

Making it small forced the smaller battery into play. Add the grip and get the power back.. but lose the compactness. Always a tradeoff - but at least both options are available here.

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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (890 comments in total)

A poorly designed camera with my ideal VF is still of no value to me. It's one of many components to weigh in the choice of camera.

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