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Pentax SLR 1983-2000; digicams 2000-07; Alpha A200 2008-09; back to Pentax 2009-16. Now shooting GX7+ GM1.


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Gesture: Interesting dynamics in the photo industry, as Pentax has brought forth quality product since Ricoh involvement and Panasonic has some of the most interesting, less like others platforms in a me-too industry. Getting EVFs in compacts so well is just one example. GH platform, of course, another. If I were doing Vlogging as a semi-living, the GH and GX (?) models would be of interest to me.

I've always really enjoyed my Pentax dSLRs - but I never ran into aperture-control block or SDM motor failure. Like Nikon and other systems, Pentax makes (high) quality products with the occasional issue. I'd love to own a K-1 with all its 'problems'! And I'd love to be an employee, a few more bucks in the bank and a K-1 employee discount.. ;)

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Did he really say G8? Which one is that in my country??
The language barrier is nothing compared to Lumix naming conventions in 2017..

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BrightTiger: Panasonic... for your p̶h̶o̶t̶o̶g̶r̶a̶p̶h̶y̶ video needs. He tries to placate the photo side but as one reads the rest of the article, there's no warm fuzzy that photography is anywhere near a priority. Yes the world is more video driven - no problem there. But for straight photography.. meh. Sort of the opposite of Canon and Nikon. But the trends favor videography so it's a money play.

Even more the anti Pentax, where video is available because ..well why not ;)

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I have Sony turned off in my headline-preference settings but your "enthusiasm" clearly trumps my settings. I am not reading this article, just posting my experience here so dpr will know something isn't working as expected.

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Wish it took my NX lenses.. I guess it does, for cold storage!

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Kurt_K: Strange that there is no mention of video in the con list.

It's OK, pretty much any recent Pentax review will still cover their video specs. Definitely not a Pentax strong suit - effective but no bells and just one whistle ;-)

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cosinaphile: ricoh just as leica has always respected their customers with dng files

not sure if pre ricoh pentax did it

interesting camera.... but i think having such a poor battery was unwise

Making it small forced the smaller battery into play. Add the grip and get the power back.. but lose the compactness. Always a tradeoff - but at least both options are available here.

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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (892 comments in total)

A poorly designed camera with my ideal VF is still of no value to me. It's one of many components to weigh in the choice of camera.

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I'm not sure I want to know how It recognizes those are boys and not girls..

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On article CP+ 2017: Ricoh teases upcoming D FA* 50mm F1.4 (95 comments in total)

Did you play the "do you realize who I am?" card? :p

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If you ordered the first few days it's not a delay, but later pre-orders would feel it. Hard to make an easy headline out of that I suppose..

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MrTaikitso: World's two worst sounds:

1. Nails on a blackboard.
2. Bagpipes. (Discovered when a fat Scot accidentally trod on his cat and liked the noise. Hence bagpipes are made from dead cats. You know where they blow right? FakeNews but it's funny eh? I'll tell you how they harvest haggis another day.)

Great camera, awful sample video! Oh my ears!

I'd heard the Irish gave them to the Scots as a practical joke, and it didn't work out. Their uileann pipes use an armpit-pump instead of a straw..

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Heritage Cameras: Ah, yes we still have a (red!) GH1, and use it for lens compatibility checking and testing, such as this IX-Nikkor:


The feature I really miss from this camera is the multi-aspect sensor – it's a shame this wasn't continued after the GH2.

oooo red :) my G1 was blue. Pentax was never alone in its color choices, just the most flamboyant!

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jimrpdx: I'll stick with the 'old' 12-60, saves me 100 grams and several hundred $$..

Never seen a 12-42 :) the 14-42 II is very good, but weather seals and the 24-120mmeq range will serve me really well. I paid under $250 for it, this and my adapted Pentax 100/2.8 will make a fine little kit.

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I'll stick with the 'old' 12-60, saves me 100 grams and several hundred $$..

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I hope the thieves can reset my password, I abandoned my Y acct 2 yrs ago; the reset procedure reminded me of my root canal.. but less successful.

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WillWeaverRVA: That new 55-300 is a great lens. Sure, it's no Canon 70-300, but it's miles better than the old entry-level 55-300 that Pentax had. I'm glad Ricoh is working to make it usable on some of its older models (I'd love to see a firmware update for the K-5...).

Hard to improve optically over the original 55-300 but its focus was a touch.. leisurely? :-) I hear the new one is far faster and more certain, though with a small speed penalty. This isn't a low-light lens in either case.

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Osvaldo Cristo: It was the successor of my first digital camera... Kodak DC260 I bought on 1998... and paid USD 1,000 for it!

I purchased it to learn composition to upgrade to a "high end" SLR but that small camera "spoiled me": I waited until Nikon released D100 to go to a SLR... more specifically DSLR.

I also had the DC260, my first trip into digital. This and the LS443 served me well for a few years before my first dSLR.

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tkbslc: I'm not too paranoid in general, but I just wonder what is in this for Google. I mean they are hosting Petabytes of photos for free, with no upsell or advertising as a revenue stream like flickr, etc. Why are they doing this and what is the end goal?

If they were checking tolerance levels then congrats you reached mine! They had me with picasa and its easy edits and web/blog posting - then dumped it for something better and lost me as a monetizing asset. I'll just post to my website and tell my friends like we old gasbags did before social media became something big (then blew itself apart with hubris in '17).

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On article Throwback Thursday: Fujifilm F10 (122 comments in total)

I'm still tempted at times to grab an E900 :-)

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