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junk1: If you have a 1 penny profit one year, and only $1 the next, that's 100x increase...what's the profit to sales ratio and the stock's P/E ratio?

" This translates into an 8x increase over last year's results, which showed a profit of just 3.9 billion yen (~$35 million USD). " I think that is a bit more than 1 penny!

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CameraLabTester: Yeah sure!

Buy a Ferrari and use Camry wheels... no probs.


Do the Ferrai wheels cost 1/5 of a Ferrai? Most people buy Ferrai just to show off, of course it makes no sense to use camry wheels, but people buy D800 to actually take photos not to look good in front of their friends.

The funny thing is few people have problem for those who buy cheaper third party lenses to save money, even it may degrade the photos. The battery grip does not have impact on your photos. I don't understand why so many people have such negative attitude.

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Norm Ullock: The review makes it sound like the D800 doesn't autofocus very well.
If it can,t offer tack sharp focus what good is it?
I am referring to the comment about only a couple of shots in the portrait shoot had sharp eyes.
I hope the D800 focuses better than he suggests. I would not want to manually focus all my shots.

You are absolutely right. D800 doesn't autofocus very well with a MANUAL FOCUS 105mm lens from the 60's. :-)

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