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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (206 comments in total)
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GinoSVK: Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 (30mm f/3.4) 115g $547.99
Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM (40mm f/2.8) 130g $179.00

This is a completely wrong comparison and also a misleading one.
À f1.7 lens remains a f1.7 lens, only the DOF changes.
We all know micrôfour third lenses are overpriced.
We all know that a product is cheaper when you sell many because you manufacture many and so reduce your costs
We all,know we cannot use a 40 canon stm on panasonic body
We all know à f2.8 lens is cheaper than a f1.7 lens
We all know that an aperture ring is a plus
We all know that a plastic lens has nothing to do with à more sophisticated lens.

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (206 comments in total)
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Gimli son of Gloin: Is there a reason to get to consider this combo instead of a ZS100, RX100 or some other pocketable camera?

The mFT cameras became too big and the price tag too high to justify a purchase. On top of that the IQ different between the small sensors are almost indistinguishable and you get more flexibility of the zoom range.

Pricing a mFT lens the same league as a FF lens without their benefits is crazy talk.

There many reasons for the r x100 :
- very poor battery life
- unpleasant to use (slippery body)
- cannot focus at longer end (erratic af when lack of light)

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (206 comments in total)
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photo perzon: Typical poor Pana skin tones in the jpegs. Get a Fuji X70 instead. Make people look healthy.

The x70 has no viewfinder and its lens is so so.

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (206 comments in total)
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hidden1: With regards to 30mm equivalent there are a few that are quite close: Sony 20mm on apsc, Pentax 21mm and sigma 19mm.

Those lenses are inferior in quality

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (206 comments in total)
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ecka84: Looks nice and sharp, but somewhat dull in terms of contrast and color saturation. Could be normal for m4/3 though. Can't see why it costs $600. Leica branding? This is more than 3 times the price of my EF 40mm f/2.8 STM.

That is the difference between a crappy American car and a Lexus.

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (206 comments in total)
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james s. kennedy: What's the point? My Fuji X30 can handle 28-112mm, with f/2.0 at 30mm.

Seattle and the Pacific NW are indeed beautiful and I have lived there for the past 40 years. World's nicest summers. I was an Air Force weather officer. But I dislike 1 Nov - 1 March, because it is dark, dark, dark. Temps are mild, Seattle doesn't get much snow, drizzly rain is a fact of life but I can't stand having it pitch black at 4 PM. At age 81, I avoid driving after dark because of the blinding laser-like oncoming headlights. Plus Seattle traffic is horrible and getting worse.

But all in all, there is nowhere I would rather live. It must be good, because King County has umpteen billionaires living here by choice. Bill Gates could probably buy Idaho if he wanted.

Your Fuji x30 is a very small sensor, is not accurate, has dull colors when no sun, poor battery life and inaccurate viewfinder. It is also discontinued. At the time it was a fine camera, it is nomore, there are far better and accurate cameras today, the lx 100 is far superior for example.

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (206 comments in total)
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rsf3127: How much better this lens can be if compared to the 19mm 2.8f Sigma Art?

Pana better at edges and against bright light, more distorsion
Sigma less fast, edges not so good

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (206 comments in total)
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em jo photo: I miss the technical lens reviews DPReview used to do.

You know: the comparative product shots, build quality and design analyses, glass plans, MTF charts, the interactive widgets measuring sharpness and CA.

Those reviews struck a perfect balance between technical and practical considerations. The format was quick, engaging, delightful to read. They made DPReview *the* one-stop place for everything a photographer needed to know.

These new "Impressions"-centered reviews read like editorial one might find elsewhere: FStoppers, Petapixel, etc. The web is full of opinion, punditry. Fact, rigor--that's in short supply.

Phil Askey's original approach established a unique brand, identity, editorial perspective. And (so far as I know) he built it without corporate backing, with fewer writers-developers-photographers than run DPReview now, in a frothier equipment market. I mean this constructively and as a reader who finds FStoppers a snore: it'd be a real shame to abandon his idea.

Not infomercials, just summer article, to fill the pages because nothing really happens in July, not negative anyway. ALWAYS interesting to share experiences with lenses you do not use (yet).

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (206 comments in total)
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boni bonev: A full Wedding with 15/1.7 and 42.5/1.2 on the GX8 and GH4 ( there is only several shots with 35-100 and 4-5 shots with LX100) http://bonibonev.com/milapepi-bw

Nice pictures but background too obvious (see street pictures) , this is where you see the superiority of FF cameras which allow less DOF and better 3D effect

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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (206 comments in total)
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Aroart: Sorry but my Fuji 35 f2 will eat you for breakfast lunch and dinner with better build and less expensive .. Don't understand why M4/3 lenses are so over priced compared to Fuji...

Not so sure about latest statement.... fuji may well eat jour Nikon....

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TORN: I have the sneaking suspicion that Canon thinks this DSLR segment is dead and will go under - replaced by mirrorless. But since the product was already developed and the Canon FF mirrorless is not yet ready they brought it to the market. Hey, all people buying a 6D MK II now might have the great opportunity to immensly upgrade the DR by buying the mirrorless version next year.

In my opinion if this is what Canon envisions as an entry level ff DSLR in 2017 they could as well have waited another 6 months and instead come up with a mirrorless version of it with the new sensor technology and 4k and possibly 2 new lenses matching it (plus it being EF-compatible).

Mark my words for 2018.

Well re Mirrorrless Canon has a lot of development still to achieve : their actual bodies lack from everything , speed, precision, dynamic range, lenses.....

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This is the one thing I still do not understand : why Canon is still so successfull. I agree they have some,fine lenses but many are so so.
Nikon is cheaper, Have better sensors, much more durability (shutter life 150.000 to 200.000 while 100.000 for Canon), compatibility with older lenses.... tell me, Îwould like to know why people are buying Canon instead of Nikon or Fuji which seems today a better alternative for people who do not need the expensive 400 f4 lenses

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On article Should I buy a Canon EOS 6D Mark II? (433 comments in total)
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armandino: The real trouble of this camera is when very soon Sony will announce the A7III. I might sound like a troll but I really believe that. The 6DII is fitting NOW the bill for a relatively inexpensive FF that does everything allright. If the a7III has, as rumoured, the same AF system of the A9, if they upgrade the battery, 4K will be a given, and a competitive price, it will easily outruns the 6DII with the very Canon glass.
Canon is really offering plenty of opportunity for Sony to expand its market, it is not learning from the past. Unless they are ready to deploy a competitive FF mirrorless lineup cheeping all the goodies for them and just waiting for the time to be just right (which should really be very soon in my opinion).

I confirm it will be very soon because Nikon has announced they will make several high quality Mirrorrless cameras, Canon will follow. Sony has become a dangerous competitor. Also fuji has announced their next xt body will have ibis, so great news. I will resell all my Olympus stuff and buy Fuji which is close to FF cameras. I do not need FF , at least a very basic FF for 2000 usd, that waste money.

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On article Should I buy a Canon EOS 6D Mark II? (433 comments in total)
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ovlov: The 5DIV was enough of a step forward for Canon that I sold my A7R and 6D to buy one. I'm disappointed that Canon didn't apply similar advances in sensor technology to this camera.

For the price of this camera, you can buy a Nikon d610 second hand and a whole set of lenses....

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sirhawkeye64: First, Lexar, now Bowens... who's next?

All companies which manufacture niche products in a overcrowded market where china can copy for less less money, or in a market where competition is very strong. Either you have a better offer, or better products. If not, you die. How many photographers with studio do you know ? Most of them have disappeared because they were nomore sustainable....

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justmeMN: From Thom Hogan:

"Simply put, some of the Nikon crowd seems to have lost faith in the Nikon brand. Generalized, we see these five complaints:"

"Nikon quality has eroded — the D500, D600, D750, D800, D810 all shipped with clear issues that needed fixing, some particularly bad (D600 shutter splatter and D750 vignetting). Even the very minor ones, such as the D810 white dot one, now get amplified."


This is just another incident that reinforces that negative stereotype. :-(

Nikon at least solves the problems but....
The fact is that no one ever heard of Fuji recalls.....
At the time, Canon has also got problems with oil on the 5d ´s
The important thing is the responsiveness

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Panasonic colors = Sony colors
Dull and washy

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Ebrahim Saadawi: Call me a bokeh whore but a 24-120mm f/5.6-8 just makes incredibly dull and 2D images to my eye. In my opinion that is. Unsurprisingly when I see impressive m43s images they're ALL taken with the 0.95 to 1.4 max primes.

What are the cheapest fast primes for m43s? AF is no concern.

Will I find a 50mm f/1.8 STM (85mm 2.8 equi) for a 100 bucks like on my Canon land? Because I do want to go 4K and fast glass aesthetic is the way I shoot.

The bodies are so damn cheap for the video quality they offer, wonderful resolution and lovely colour (Panny that is!) and when paired with fast enough glass that give the shallow DOF and take the sharpness edge off, they look mighty cinematic!

What are the most affordable lens/adapters that can give me DOF equivalent to f/2.8 on FF? Ideally a 25mm/50mm f/1.2 would give me the same look the nifty fifty does, which is all I need really. Cheapest cheapeat. No need for good build quality, sharpness wide open, IS, AF, just the optical look.

Noise at 100 ISO, are you kidding ?
Who will buy the 25 f1.2. Well all people having an omd em 1 , I guess....

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straylightrun: F/4-6.3 zoom lens? Crazy. Why are there still no f/2.8 (35mm equiv) lenses for m43 yet?

A f2.8 lens regarding T stop is and remains a f2.8 whatever happens.
The crazy conversion only helps for Dof calculation. The rest is ignorance, confusion and Irrelevance. Many so called specialists believe anything and that's a pain.
Take for example the old Panasonic lx 7 with f1.4. That camera allowed many people, and I am one of those, to take low light pictures with a very small camera. As it is a small sensor, do you really think, I could have been able to take those pictures if you apply your crazy conversion factor ? of course no. Point.

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Mike FL: That's why NIKON did not release DL18-50.

Please do not advert for kennrockwell. He tells legends... so with the compatibility of the new 70-300 which he claimed was not compatible with the d700, 800, 600 , 610 which statement he has been obliged to correct two days later. What confidence can you have in bashing statements against Nikon ? Everyone knows he is a Canon fan. So take it with salt when he speaks about Nikon....

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