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Androole: Wow, a 75mm/f0.95 that weighs only 750g.

Is this the first legitimately interesting lens that Meyer Optik has ever created?

With only 5 elements in 5 groups, it seems likely it will be an extremely soft lens with massive uncorrected aberrations in every axis...but at least it's something a tiny bit different from what's already on the market.

That said, the $5000 MSRP is still cartoonish for such a lens.

The Mitakon 85mm/f1.2 seems like 95% of the lens (and probably much, much sharper) for just $650-750...

After one year or before maybe your Mitakon will lose screws and fall apart...

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Island Golfer: $4900 for an e-mount?? $Even $2300!!. Thanks; but, I think I'll wait for Sigma's version.

Sigma’s version will weigh 2 kilos.....

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KubeKube: Story idea for DPR - the profit margins of equipment/gear producers. It's easy to bash MOG for the prices they set for their products but will be much more interesting to see the facts and the numbers - what goes into the production of such a lense in terms of technology, materials, labors and then determining the profit margins. There is plenty of big data to do so, DPR can also make several phone calls. Then compare the results to, say, similar product of Sigma or Tamron and analyze the difference in the profit margins, which, my gut tells me, will be huge. Then we have a solid basis for comparison and comments. Because at this point - and I believe this is a shared opinion by many others - we are looking at a ridiculously overpriced toy with little or no practical purpose but to fortify our gut feeling it would be nice to be able to jiggle soime numbers here and there. Thanks.

German companies take less margin than japan companies.

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Svetoslav Popov: Man, german design looks so ugly. The Zeiss lenses for Sony, the Cullmann ballheads... This lens looks like someone stripped all the rubber parts that are required for good ergonomics. They just don't like any texturized surfaces, LOL...

BTW, i would much prefer this wide aperture on a 50mm lens.

Rubber can be damaged after some years....

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photoMEETING: Yes, go and buy that thing!

But hurry up, the a7 IV is coming soon...


So are the 5dV, the Nikon d760, the Fuji xt3, no not the Pentax k2, this one is scheduled for 2023😀😀😀

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LessMirrored19: Sony went from toy camera company to taking two gold award yearly in no time 😂😂

Maybe but Sony has the cash to invest into R & D

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tesilab: It's a cruel twist of fate that shortly after Panasonic and Fuji each released some fabulously capable cameras that Sony manages to decisively take the wind out of their sails. I hope Sony will nevertheless steal some of their best refinements, 'cause that's what Sony needs right now. A little refinement.

Nothing touches the Panasonic touch interface--would it be so hard to steal page from them? Especially what's up the the lack of any touch shutter on the A7III/RIII/9?

The Fuji X-H1 shutter button and whisper quiet spring-suspended shockless shutter were almost enough to tempt me away from Sony. The A7III's (admittedly bigger) shutter still goes CLACK! And A7III silent shooting in an ever more LED lit word just doesn't cut it.

In the interim though, I just continue to hate Sony and buy all their compelling products.

How can you hate an object ?
It is not less fun to use as other small bodies.
Fuji.s do not have that « tank feeling ». The stabilised Fuji is as expensive as the A7 III. Apsc lenses are worse performers than ff lenses.
What about service ?
Apsc Fuji lenses are as big as’ sony ff lenses.
So the choice is not easy.

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larkhon: Last time it felt like the A7r II stole the thunder from A7 II. It brought not only the higher resolution but also better ISO, better AF, etc... This time it could be the other way around, the A7r version would interest only people who have a need for the higher resolution, and the few other improvements.
Even choosing between the A7 III and a used A7r II could be difficult...

Kodacolor 200
It will takes years before Canonikon have a full mirrorrless program with bodies and lenses....

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wed7: Well done Sony.

I really want this camera, even though I can muster some cash to buy it, I may not have enough money to buy the lenses for this. :)

B Rendon 1000
There are no cheap 35 f1,4 , at least from dedicated manufacturers.

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keeponkeepingon: Reading through this review, I'm not convinced this would be a good upgrade for my A6000. For example for the sports tracking and Eye AF tests (two A6000 fails) it's obvious the DOF in the samples is (relatively) huge so we really have no idea if the feature actually works with wider apertures/shallower depth of fields. For soccer often the tracking on my A6000 is a total fail but set the aperture to F8+ and many AF sins are forgiven.

My biggest gripe with the A6000 is that if I want stills and video I need to carry and juggle two bodies as the camera can't take a full resolution picture while taking a video. My T2i/550D, EOS-M, iphone can all take a picture while taking a video. Sony cameras such as the RX100 also have this feature as do all panasonic mirrorless.

I just trudged through 13 pages of reviews and I still have no idea: Can the A7III take a picture while taking a video?


The problem is that there are very very few good apsc Sony lenses...

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KLO82: I have no doubt it is an extremely capable camera, I would buy one if I was not already invested in Canon, but after looking at the sample gallery I could find only one image that I might not be able to capture with my old tech 5DIII. Image 50 shows lightening the shadow at close to base ISO, which may not have same good result from 5DIII (but to be honest it may have not been pushed that much, so who knows). All the models dancing and jumping - those photos were mostly shot at f5.6 - it seems easy to focus at that aperture due to large DoF. Now if we pixel peep, specially the high ISO files I am sure A7III is better, but for normal sized outputs I have doubt if we really can see much difference. May be all the newer technology made it (slightly) easier for the photographers to get their intended photos, and of course the Sony provides more bang for buck.

Mark K
Canon makes better lenses : to correct with : Canon makes some good lenses.
And Sony also makes some good lenses. It is just that you have to choose carefully wich lenses are better for you.

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Daft Punk: FF is nice to have and all that, but I think we need to get back to fundamentals.

We have long past the time of "sufficiency". Take a look at pictures taken with a D700 and a good lens and 99% of the time I am certain that everyone would be happy with them.

However, we always crave the latest new tech. So we look for reasons to justify it.

This A7III is a fine camera and I buy into the idea that it is probably the obvious purchase choice at this price level. But. But. But.....

Having had a Sony A7R2, I dig the quality but did not enjoy using it.

I am, however, enjoying Fuji Xt2. IQ is perfectly good enough and, crucially, I enjoy using it more than the Sony.

So while I accept the thesis of DPR's conclusion, this particular photographer would go for a Fuji XH-1. Smaller sensor = but it does not really matter. The fact that I would enjoy using it more trumps the theoretical advantage of FF.

The d700 is a myth and like many myths there’s is another reality : the d700 just cannot be as good as more recent cameras. I sold off mine after comparing shots made with the d700 with what you call a good lens vs the old Leica x1 which is apsc. I believed my d700 had a problem but it had no problem, except that the shots were way much much better with the Leica x1 : detail, colors, sharpness, 3D feeling, etc. Also, compare the shots made with an old d600 and you will immediately see the huge difference.

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rockjano: Great news. We really need competition on the lens front. And we NEED AF. It is hard to manually focus such a short DOF lens.

With Nikon it will be the old screw driver type of AF probably.

Please Meike and Youngnuo and other don't forget the M4/3 market, might be smaller but growing...

M4/3 :no chance, all 85/90mm equiv. lenses are cheap, very cheap.
I am not’sure We need competition in the 85 area where’s there are plenty of very good cheap lenses.
Personally I would never never put a second range lens on a semi pro body, and consumer clients use zooms not primes....

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How to make money without investing one single dollar from your own pocket and without taking any risk....Clever.

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T3: There is no "Sony FE mount". It's Sony E mount. Yes these are FF lenses, but these lenses can be used on both Sony APS-C and FF cameras. Stating that it's "Sony FE mount" seems to imply that these lenses can only be used on Sony FF mirrorless bodies. I'm sure there will be plenty of users who will be using these lenses on their Sony APS-C mirrorless bodies.

This is what I call masochism.
Buy one lens less, and with the money instead of buying a apsc dslr, buy a FF one. This is also unfortunately showing that Canonikon do not have decent apsc lenses....

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Mariano Pacifico: China is leading the march to affordable lenses .... Venus Optics/Laowa will save the decline of outrageous exorbitant pricing of dSLRs and Mirrorless .....

But ... are these lenses sharp? If compared to top-notch circa 80s Nikon it has the same sharpness, contrast and color fidelity.

Wait ... Hey, China, where did you get the technology? How did you get it? This is the problem when companies outsource their manufacturing to China .... they copy it, too! Better, cheaper and affordable.

I’m afraid you are a bit too optimistic.
The Fuji dedicated 9 mm is ok but not the 15 f2 which has poor border resolution. There might be also a sample variation problem....

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DesoloZantas: Meh, needs more native lenses

Phitokozmos believes people are so clever that they will put a heavy, bulky lens on a small mirrorrless with an expensive adapter and be happy with it.
Let s be serious....
It’ is like putting a one kilo sigma lens on alpha 7

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Riezman11: I am a beginner and looking for a mirrorless camera which provides outstanding image quality. I'm not really into Vlogging so a decent video quality (1080p) is enough for me. Will this camera be a better option for me? OR should I just purchase Sony A6000? The price is much better on A6000, however, would it be a better choice? Appreciate your opinion :)

I forgot you want lens choice, buy Olympus or Fuji
If you want quality buy Sony but be careful when choosing lenses
Forget the canon, the battery has à too short life and the lens choice is too limited

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nir-vana: Pay 50$ more than the Sigma 20/1.4 ART and get one stop less !

Price and’ aperture are not the only things to consider : weight, chromatic aberrations, vignetting, flare resistance, after sale service, durability, autofocus , bokeh. So reducing arguments to f1,4 against f2 and 50 usd is a bit short.

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On article Nikon dominates World Press Photo 2018 camera breakdown (385 comments in total)

What makes the difference is also the pro service you get and the ability to have a body or lens quickly repaired or replaced.

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