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To photograph the reptile, amphibian and invertebrate fauna of
Australia in a way to illustrate that these animals have character and
are part of the environment.
Fuji S2 Pro, Nikon D200, Nikon D300, Micro-Nikkor 60mm F2.8, Nikkor 50 mm F1.8,
Nikkor 80-400 AF VR ED,
Zoom, Sigma 15-35,
Nikon 5700 (with the flash not working), Fujifilm F100fd,


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Kharan: Pretty cool. I don’t think I need this kinda thing specifically, unless it’s for birds, and I’ve read that it doesn’t work with those. Too bad, I guess.

I've used it for bird photos and was actually really impressed.

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tetsumo: What JIP should do:
- Continue m43
- Stop launching so many models
- Get rid of the big models
- Keep just 3 models, a very basic camera, a mid range and a high end.
- Upgrade the sensor with the latest Sony tech (BSI, 24mp, fast readout times)
- Complete make over of the very old menu
- Real upgrades on all aspects of the camera, no more gimmicky upgrades

I love my EM-5 III. I do a lot of macro work and wildlife survey work. For my purposes I don't want to carry a big camera about. My setup weighs probably less than half of the Nikon D7000 it replaced. I couldn't be happier than with the Oly M4/3 system.

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This has nothing to do with the quality of the monitor, but as a wildlife photographer I believe BenQ should NOT use that photo to promote their gear- that frog is under stress- and that is in fact a photograph of animal cruelty. Unfortunately most folks would say "cute frog" and think nothing of it but anyone who actually knows about frog behavior would be appalled. It is staged in daylight in a position that exposes the frog to maximum dehydration- no frog would be found in such a position during the day in the wild. And yes, it is during the day, as the frog's pupils are contracted and there appears to be no fall off of light. If a company used photos of a puppy suspended by its tail to sell its goods there would be outrage. This frog is as stressed.

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callaesthetics: 40-150 f2.8 + teleconverter = this lens?

40-150 + teleconverter = 400mm (35mm equivalent), this lens (with 1.4x teleconverter) = 800mm equivalent. Some quality would be lost with the teleconverter, but without the teleconverter the reach is still better than the 40-150mm. Obviously one has to take into account the smaller size of this set-up. I see the deeper depth of field for the same aperture over 35mm as an advantage.

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This will be used by governments for crowd surveillance at protests, followed by a knock on the door in the night.

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On photo Caroce100_1200627 in Gehyra's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

100% crop from a photo taken with Olympus Zuiko 40-150mm F2.8 Pro lens.

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On photo Caroce_1200627 in Gehyra's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Photo of an Ocellated Skink taken with an Olympus Zuiko 30-150mm F2.8 Pro lens, showing how close one can get to small subjects (this wasn't at closest focussing distance).

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Danlo: I got a D3 as my first serious camera.. After a few years I got a small D5000 just have something light to carry around when I was not working.. But I soon realised that I did not need the D3 at all. The image-quality of the D5000 was more then enough for almost anything. So the D3 ended up on a shelf for a few years before I sold it. Then I bought a D600.. Great camera, but its just too big and heavy. The D5000 had spoiled me with low weight and size and good image quality.. So.. back to square one, the D600 just lays on a shelf..

So, decided to replace my D600 with a small light D3200. Could not be happier!

You know that all you need to take a photograph is vision, shutterspeed, aperture and iso.. right?

Good lenses help of course, but I agree totally that familiarity with equipment and vision can create far better photos than the best financial outlay. I would rather spend the thousands saved by not buying things I don't need on getting to the places where I can take great images. At the end of the day the difference in expenditure between $10,000 and $1000 will be difficult to tell on an A3 print or smaller- especially with camera bodies.

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On article Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' (371 comments in total)

I still have an old Fujifilm S2 pro, although now it is gathering dust; In its day I loved the Fujifilm colours; Many folks predicted the death of Fujifilm as a credible camera manufacturer, but I see them rising proudly from the ashes with a diversity of cameras that are functional objects of beauty. I presently own a D7000 but this XT-1 is seriously tempting- having grown up shooting with Pentax MX and Oly OM-1 cameras (cause I'm old) I see this dark beast, albeit a small, functional beast, this is an object of lust; the small size, the "familiar" controls- this thing makes me breath funny, in a sort of creepy way. I'll dream of this camera.. There are doubtlessly other capable cameras out there, but this nails the aesthetics and control layout in a compact body. I want one.

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On article Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera (886 comments in total)
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marike6: Locking exposure dials a la the Nikon Df? Any amount of money that DPR loves this camera and the dials from day one. :-)

Part of what makes the X cameras at least interesting is the rangefinder design, the whole poor man's Leica thing.

What is the point copying a DSLR body styling? It's has no bright Pentaprism so why the pseudo pentaprism housing?

This is a head scratcher move from Fujifilm that is for sure. No FF, just an X camera dressed up as a DSLR. Has anybody asked why?

I hope that Fujifilm make something like this with wireless TTL Flash.

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On article Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera (886 comments in total)
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Zvonimir Tosic: With the price in Japan around ¥180,000 for body only (some $1,700, as Digicame Info tells us, and they are seldom wrong), real and well shaped up DSLRs (pun intended) like the K-3 will look like a tremendous bargain.
I wonder why Fuji didn't come up with X-Pro2?

When I wear cologne, I get drooled over. I'm sick of it.

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On article Nikon AW1 First Impressions Review (579 comments in total)

I wonder if they'll make a fast wide waterproof prime? Oh look, they have.

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On article Nikon AW1 First Impressions Review (579 comments in total)

If they bring out a macro lens for this (and/or a wireless flash unit), I'd get one for sure. Just what I need for tadpole photography.

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On photo Alien embryo! in the Outsiders challenge (2 comments in total)

You need kelp.

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On photo Past the Expiry Date in the Outsiders challenge (1 comment in total)

Give that guy a seat.

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On photo FightingLizards in the WildAnimals: Reptiles challenge (1 comment in total)

I really like this image! Varanus panoptes.

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I would buy one if it shot RAW without hesitation. But it doesn't shoot RAW, I'll stick with the waterproof camera I have. Perhaps they'll deliver a firmware update..

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I want a Nikon with a built-in flash commander, a swivel screen and a screw drive for old lenses. I do a lot of wildlife and macro photography at ground level and am missing a D60 equivalent body for my Nikon lenses. If the D400 comes out with a swivel screen and a 16+ megapixel sensor, I would be happy.

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On photo Sedona Golf Resort #10 in the Golf course picture for commercial purposes challenge (3 comments in total)

As an ecologist I hate to imagine what the application of fertilisers and pesticides would be doing to the streams downslope... There is always a cost. Nice photo though!

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SnapHappy32: Nikon had no choice considering the onslaught of CSC's.
I don't understand the negativity in below comments.

This is a heaven sent cam' for me.
Having a fair selection of Nikon lenses, I've spent a good part of the last months considering what to get as a travel cam.

I've been looking closely at the EM-5, the XP1 and the Nex7.
The latter is supposedly a staff favourite with the people working for a small, local camera company (PhaseOne).

Now Nikon have fitted that sensor into an inexpensive, lightweight body.
What's not to like?

24mp too much? Don't get the cam.
Not enough HD space? Ditto
Nothing better to do? Get back to work!

Because the camera is squarely aimed at people considering upgrading from a point and shoot who wouldn't normally shoot RAW, and don't know what exposure compensation actually means. I run photography workshops, and 95% of the public don't know what most of the buttons on their cameras do or how they might improve their photograph.

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