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I am still waiting for Half-Life episode 3 to come out! Give me some time please!

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Today, the professional photographer is the one who gets hired to go get pictures in the field: photojournalists, sport photogs, etc. Not your average retired baby boomer who goes on a lifetime trip to take pictures of penguins in antartica, and hopes to sell those pictures to Microsoft as background images for Windows 10. The pictures on Unsplash are free, because they are worth nothing.

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Made in Vietnam. Pfff...

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Are they aware that the Hero 5 is on the market?

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Picture 2 shows poor assembling quality.

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Canon is loosing it. This whole light leak issue is a joke. The 5D Mark III is 1000$ too expensive, tsunami or not, Fukushima nuclear waste or not. Imagine buying a Porsche with leaking tires, and the company would come up with a bike pump in the trunk to inflate your tires every now and then, instead of changing the set. Ridiculous. They have lost me as a customer.

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Can't read this site with its poor contrast and black background. I need my eyes, I use them to shoot pictures... and I do not want to get blind reading this website dedicated to, should I remind it... photography!

Oh!, Thanks Opera software: Author Mode > High Contrast (B/W)

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