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mannyr: But does it have overheating problems??
I had to sell my A33 because it would overheat after about 30 minutes of being continuously on - not even video, just stills.
No good when you are shooting a concert or performance for business.
If that's fixed, I would reconsider an SLT - very good camera except for that deal killer.

"never designed to be used that way, and thus the overheating problem".What doest that statement mean? Taking pictures? I also own a A33, while it has many good features, The overheating is a definate drawback, especiality in video mode.
It also has a problem bringing up the image after a wait while shooting, have to turn off and on to get the image back in the viewfinder or live view, causing many problems. Have always been a Nikon user and I guess I have to return to Nikon.

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