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You can buy a 2tb harddrive for about 60 bucks.

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I was looking for some macro images and didn't see any.

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He was trying to dangle off a building that had all glass for an exterior wall. He climbs over the roof ledge and dangles off the ledge holding on only with his two hands. While dangling he does a couple of chin-ups and then commences to use his feet fitted with sneakers to straddle back to the roof. His sneakers cannot get any friction on the glass exterior so he needs to pull himself up using only his arms. Alas he didn't have the athleticism to extricate himself by only using his arm strength.

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How do we know the lens and camera weren't already broken before being checked in?

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I guess if you can't see a train coming from miles away then you should stay off the tracks.

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I really dislike videos shot in MTV format.

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Very impressive.

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It's $9.99 a month but you have to subscribe for a year. No thanks.

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A real shocker. Free? Can't wait to give it a go this weekend.

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Lan: Is it just me that misreads the name of the Toshiba memory card as Excretia? Talk about a crappy name ;)

Yeah, weird name. Almost bought a SanDisk 32gb, 45mb read/write card for 60 bucks when I saw what I thought was some off brand SDXC card made in Timbuktu that had a green and black lable with the name "Exceria." For the same 60 bucks I can get 64gb with 95mb read and 60mb write. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that Toshiba was the manufacturer. LOL. "Exceria" works great in my XE-2.

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A lot of bells and whistles but still connects to a computer using USB2. Huh?

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