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I like this lens.Click on the link below that I've written to end all discussion of equivalence.

Haha-no such link is possible.Carry on!

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On photo At The Met in the Night time fountains challenge (15 comments in total)

Stunning capture!Congratulations.

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On article Hands-on with new Olympus PRO 8mm and 7-14mm lenses (296 comments in total)
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Roadtripper: " announced to new wideangle 'Pro' lenses"...good thing they didn't announce "for" new lenses, or especially "ate" new lenses...and this person gets paid to write these articles, but not to "right" them...

Lotta knuckleheads out there that have a strong need to be right about something/anything.Mr BB -Good righting and good writing.

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BeaverTerror: "We don’t consider that we manufacture more FX than DX lenses; we’ll focus on both." "We don’t feel we have more FX than DX products now; we have a full line-up in DX as well."

Stopped taking this interview seriously after the second answer. What a joke.

They're just not sure how many of each lens type they make.They're big picture guys,not numbers men.Heehee

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thx1138: What a lame interview from Nikon. They might have as well pleaded the fifth and refused to answer any questions. Learned nothing at all from them, other than they should become politicians. Compare the lack of detail coming from Canikon compared to others and they still have this air of superiority. We're too important to give you details, just wait and see what we release and be impressed.

Right on target.Add arrogant.

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Looks like a new art filter.Boring

Link | Posted on Mar 21, 2015 at 03:48 UTC as 22nd comment

If Roger's doing it,it will be fair and useful.He will make money and we will get choices.

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Deardorff: Anyone who posts images on facebook is an idiot.
Their terms of service say they can re-sell it and use it commercially (as well as your PERSONAL information) in any way they want. And YOU are the one legally liable if legal action is taken by someone.

Have you stopped posting on Facebook?

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offtheback: ....and some of my posts have several likes.

Made my day!

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....and some of my posts have several likes.

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I am above Reddit.I publish my "work"exclusively on Facebook.Full screen is the nuts.

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From a quick review of the comments,he may regret the photo being posted on DPREVIEW.

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On article Blood moon eclipse: Night of April 14-15 (64 comments in total)
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RichRMA: Use the longest lens you've got, unless you are shooting against a background for effect. To fill the frame with the moon (top to bottom) you need the equivalent of 2000mm on a FF Camera. So, 1000mm on a m4/3 and 1500mm on an APS.
Meanwhile, after a few warm, sunny days, the outlook in the U.S. NE is rain/snow and 2 degrees for the eclipse!

Mt Palomar will let you digiscope for $5/hour.Pretty good deal.

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On article Blood moon eclipse: Night of April 14-15 (64 comments in total)
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MLWestphal: What a shame it will be cloudy in NJ.........

Will only be cloudy in districts that didn't vote for Christie.

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On article Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' (333 comments in total)

But...will it take you to work if your car won't start?

Link | Posted on Apr 2, 2014 at 14:33 UTC as 36th comment
On article French newspaper publishes issue with no photos (191 comments in total)

Now I'm waiting for a newspaper issue with no text and no photos.Wait wait....I have one already.

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I must be using my brain excessively when I read the FF vs M4/3 arguments because I often get a headache after.

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On article 12 stunning photos of Godafoss - Waterfall of the Gods (78 comments in total)


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On article DPReview launches GearShop (316 comments in total)

No matter your level of integrity,it's very difficult to be thoroughly objective when money/your living is at stake.Best of luck.I very much like your site.

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Awful camera,owes 2 stars!!;)

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