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  • A great shot with the 15-45 mm! Also the song title "Road to Hell" (by Chris Rea) seems suitable to me :-)
  • The value of IQ depends on the criteria you set for yourself. You can't compare a Nikon Z with M43 in case of High-Iso-Shots above 1600. But you can also never get a Nikon Z in the size of a ...
  • Thanks for your additional comments, but I have decided for the https://www.peakdesign.com/products/everyday-sling-5 as was proposed by jschoonj and Kinger. I have it for a few days now and I still ...
  • I don't want to complain, but IMO there are some points that can also be regarded from a different point of view. Although I don't own the M50, I prefer the M6. That is the point, these two models ...
  • Thanks for the 'nice shot'. It is a german breed, a Hovawart. If you revisit the Canon M's, also take a look at the M50, it is a quite attractive option.
  • Replied in M6 VS m50 EVF?
    Although I have no EVF on my M6, here are some additional thoughts. Having "upgraded" from a compact camera and being used to tilting screens for several years, I don't need an EVF. It makes the ...
  • What about the Canon M-system? To my mind it is often underestimated, but a lot of your wishes are included in it. Here are pros and cons (IMO): + small system (only slightly larger than M43, but ...
  • As written by beagle1, if you prefer the smaller size of mirrorless, go for it. I would always prefer the smaller M50/M100 over the bigger SL2/SL3, but that's my personal opinion. If you want to ...
  • Replied in EOS-M: Colors
    Thanks for your kind feedback. Concerning the picture styles, I have used the following ones: Auto = picture 3 Landscape =  11 All other pictures were taken with "Standard".
  • Replied in EOS-M: Colors
    Thanks for your feedback and thank you for the hello from your dog, I will forward it to our "old man" :-)
  • Created discussion thread EOS-M: Colors
    Since there are several threads dealing with the colors of the M-Line, this one is to really show the colors directly OOC. I have chosen 12 photos, independent of each other, taken with different ...
  • You can take the jpegs from the M100 directly out of the camera without post-processing, they are very good. That's what I mostly do with my M6.
  • I did buy and I can say - despite the lack of IS - it is a "great small lens". It is a kind of allround-lens and I really like using it. Besides, with this lens my M6 looks like a P+S and nobody ...
  • I am using tilting screens for about 7 years now and I am really fond of the tilting screen on my M6, so a perfect-for-me M6II would keep this type of screen :-)
  • Could it be that all prime lenses lack a stabilizer because (on the long run) IBIS is the aim?
  • Compared to your SX260HS the M100 would be - concerning IQ - a great step. But the decision, if you prefer a compact camera or an ILC, this you must take for yourself. Almost two years ago I ...
  • I can't speak for the Sony, but I assume that up to now you are used to your Sony and not to your M100. You are right, in the beginning it takes a little time til you are used to the mechanism. But ...
  • You should be aware, since this is a Canon-Forum, that we would choose the M100. I can also recommend it, short time ago we bought it as our second camera from the M-line (first one is the M6).
  • I also think (concerning my M6) that the AWB often is too cold, as it is with your picture in the shade. In sunlight the AWB often is better, this is also the case with your second picture (IMO). B ...
  • I would call me an ordinary photographer, but I almost never use AWB on my M6, because I think it is not very good. The other WB-modes, as sunny, cloudy, shadows, mostly deliver very good colors. ...
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