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I wouldn't want to be the guy that has to turn on all 1000 of them in 10 minutes so they can be 15 in the sky. :)

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On article Leica SL Review (1079 comments in total)
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marike6: Review is much too short for a Leica camera, and the snarky "Conclusion" section, the bit about "if you have your heart set on a camera with a red dot on it" is kind of obnoxious.

No, it's not the "Conclusion" that is obnoxious. It's the brand.

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I know a brand that will benefit from this.

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On article Extremely dramatic video touts Canon's CMOS technology (196 comments in total)
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bakhtyar kurdi: Where is that Moonbow? I can't find it

Someone has to send that BBC/Sony A7S link to Canon...Epic failure, their video.

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On article Leica Summilux-SL 50mm F1.4 sample gallery (367 comments in total)
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Sannaborjeson: Why shooting such nonsense? Can't you afford a professional photographer or just a keen hobbyist to make nicer and more meaningful sample shots?

Such a crappy gallery is a waste of shutter clicks, you're showcasing nothing.

Not really Carey...They are just utterly confused. ;)

Having to fork out thousands of dollars by the dozen for so-so tech tends to stress already insecure people to the highest levels.

The photos are just fine. They perfectly serve the purpose of the review and are actually quite engaging all by themselves.

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jesus_freak: This is better than the D5 and 1DXII galleries, well done!

No, it is not.

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PhotoKhan: Lol.

I am sorry but DPR's quota for "being serious" is all taken...I wonder by whom...

The fact remains, though, I've seen actual police officers with less patrolling stamina.

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You yearn for the 950, I miss Phil Askey.

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PhotoKhan: Lol.

Yes officer.

(...Shouldn't you be in the forum passing tickets to those who don't go "Wonderful", "Magnificent" or "Your best work yet, xxx" about any cringible sample of street snapshots passing as "Street Photography"?...)

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photenth: So much negativity...

As a 1DXII owner, I welcome this!

As with many things in life, the negativity is inversely proportional to the ability to get one.

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So, Mr. Kamps creative interpretation of Kickstarter's TOU - which, back in 2012, unequivocally stated "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill." - an interpretation that, according to him, allowed for a partial refund so he could "keep the company afloat" has not paid out?

Karma IS a female dog...

Things started to go south when they found this was a position to be created and filled:

Link | Posted on Feb 1, 2017 at 07:05 UTC as 11th comment

Is this a new version of the document I linked to 3 months ago?

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On article Comedy Pet Photography Awards open for entries (46 comments in total)

Would a leech impersonating a president make a good animal comedy subject?

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On article Hasselblad CEO Oosting to leave next week (164 comments in total)

I really hope this doesn't compromise the promising strategy they were following.

Contrary to Leica, Hasselblad seemed committed to build a true modern and innovative offer over an inspiring heritage, instead of trivializing that very same heritage by pandering those respectful foundations to clueless wanna-be-Bressons with the deepest of pockets who think that doing "Street Photography" is going out to a street and start randomly firing away.

Perry Oosting leaving is bad news, since every time I read anything coming from this man's mouth, it made sense and sounded like calm, focused and intelligent strategic thinking, the kind of leadership so lacking today, at so many levels.


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On article Hasselblad CEO Oosting to leave next week (164 comments in total)


Although it is kind of implied in the article, I really hope DJI was not the force behind this important loss for Hasselblad.

I find DJI to be another great company, one whose products I immensely enjoy and that seems to have the competence and focus to, at least, have completely dominated a specific, albeit quite new market in very few years.

I can only but hope that they are perceptive enough to understand that money is not the only key to repeat that kind of success with more traditional and mature products.

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Very cool feature.

There's a significant difference in image quality between the stills and the video.

This lower visual quality, when put against with the sheer quality that can be perceived from other, quite simple, evaluative videos, like the one made right after the model launch By Dustin Abbott (link below) leads me to think that 4K filming and post-production flow is something that is difficult to master at that that fact might be impacting the evaluation of 4K performance from the 5DMKIV vis-à-vis other models.

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On article Lily Robotics sued over claims of false advertising (140 comments in total)
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moranjr: Anyone remember Ada?

Yes, I my pocket does remember Mr. Kamps.
Let's see if these guys can outsmart him over the latitude of the word "refund".

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The little secret that the required further funds sources know?
DJI dominates. Any resistance is futile.

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Najinsky: Very poor gallery.

First, it's an 18-150 lens, yet only two shots are over 50mm; one at 62/f11 and one at 150/f9.

The 150 f9 shot has nothing in sharp focus, is this a photographer choice or is the lens really that soft at 150 f/9? If it's really that soft there is no point having the lens go to 150 as an upsampled 100mm would look better. Well, that could be the case for this type of zoom, but in this case we have to guess because there is no 100mm shot, or 80mm, or 135mm, etc.

Also, to keep lenses compact and easier to design, software corrections are allowed for. This happens automatically during raw conversion for many cameras. For example, M43 images carry image correction data in the image file which is applied automatically by most major converters. How does it work with EOS-M, as some of these images would clearly benefit from some basic CA and diffraction compensation.

Guys, you know I love you, but I find this content quite sub-par on several levels.

It's not sub-par, it's sub-love.

DPR simply can not see what Canon "M" line brings to the table - a very useful addition to Canon's EOS system that just so happens to be a mirrorless APS-C.

When they finally will - and I know they will because they're a smart, highly engaged and mostly impartial bunch - there will be a somewhat condescending-I-told-you-so frown in my face.

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