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marc petzold: According to DxO Mark, the D5600 Performance is the same as the D5500 - so 1st Timers should get (if into the Market buying a 1st DSLR from Nikon) the D5500 with 18-55 AF-P for a bargain price, and upgrade Lenses later.

Instead of dropping all 2 years new DX Bodies on the Market - Nikon should finally start to produce a decent DX Lens Lineup, not always these 18-55, 18-xxx Iterations - that nobody needs or wants.

How about a decent 24, 35mm DX Prime in FF-terms focal length? A 23mm/1.8 DX (35mm FF-equal) , since the D100 - not there - check....a 16mm/1.8 DX - check, not there (24mm FF-equal)...and so on...Nikon really lost it's way here - the only DX Lens which is good, albeit very expensive from the latest Zooms: 16-80E VR - but still, for this price, i'd go -if i wouldn't have that focal length- 100% for a FF 24-70 2.8 VC Tamron, or even better, the Tokina ATX-Pro 24-70/2.8 - because both lenses are worth the price.
In APS-C terms, i go Fuji - because Fujifilm cares about lenses.

i'm having trouble seeing any justification for replacing my D5100 with the new releases of the D5xxx series. It's not that there hasn't been improvements, but rather the improvements are so minuscule that it hasn't moved me from regarding the D5100 as "good enough".

Might get the 16-80 or Sigma 17-70 C, though - the original Sigma 17-70 is getting a bit tired...

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