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On article Olympus 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x initial sample gallery (218 comments in total)

Most are landscape type photos, nothing move at all, birds are so small in the pictures

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Unfortunately, things in HK often turn bad quickly, the building where Mr Chan shop based is going to be demolished

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On article Canon RF 800mm F11 IS STM sample gallery (471 comments in total)

To be honest the Bokeh looks ugly

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No way as a non professional😂😂🤣

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whatafather: I bought lenscoat lens cover for it 9 months ago, I still don’t have the lens, anyway I sold my D5/D850 series and jumped to Sony already, doesn’t matter for me

I don’t know what you mean but I am very happy with my A7r4/ A9/400mm/600mm/ +/-tc, thank you

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I bought lenscoat lens cover for it 9 months ago, I still don’t have the lens, anyway I sold my D5/D850 series and jumped to Sony already, doesn’t matter for me

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I am looking forward to this lens, and sure I will buy it regardless of the cost

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A few years later, they will painted them in red, another set of limited edition

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Leo Pan: it is a condom for a camera

Hopefully this housing is reusable 😂😂

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I know they are different products probably targeted for different customers, but I will rather buy Sony RX10 iv

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I want one and I need one

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The halo bokeh is very unique and interesting

I have Minolta 250mm, tamron 350mm and the Nikon 800mm reflex lens

Their common problem is the picture appear a bit hazy looking, not sure this is refered as the so called "flare" by kenko

If this problem does improve in this new lens, I am interested but I prefer ~200-300mm focal length reflex lens more

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It's ringflashs for macro are great too, 1/4 the cost of canon from Taobao

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Usable Wifi connection with smartphone please

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On article Leica M10 firmware arrives with major bug fix (59 comments in total)

Leica is weak in softwares, my SL once stuck while I though I had switched it off, I discovered it only after a 2 hours drive when the camera became feverish

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Long lens means 100-400mm, thank you very much

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On article Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review (130 comments in total)

I got both, if you like to put your bag on floor before start shooting like me, please make sure the bag is properly re zipped before you depart after shooting from scene, it happened to me a few times my beloved lens and bodies dropped out when I changed site in a hurry ><

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Can't understand why ppl keep doing this silly thing

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