Russell McMahon

Lives in New Zealand (Aotearoa) Auckland, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Works as a Electronic designer / Consultant
Has a website at
Joined on Oct 27, 2005


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F9001886`_KarlaCaves_Lonavala_w3000After the Volcano - Carpenter on MerapiDSC01123`100MSDCF`rpcz1+context_9bDSC33497RPC bUFFALO & eGRET V3CMama Cass Momma Cass PICT97286BR`1333PICT4373srprpb133rp_Reversed to right readingMaungakiekie morningPICT0968`101KM028`r - as actually sen to Canon EOS Photo 5 - titled - RGB(y)Dirty - or cleanSipis funeral - this was his life - DSC33557r2b2bw2China - any city, any day DSC08660`10010224`rp_70Bad Day for Chickens 100206 rpc2DSC00987`10091227` Through the bars - justPICT8930`101KM028`rp2 Friends I hadn't metDSC08921`10091128`Lrac3b2 Hair braidersThePose DSC07343`10390506`rcx007DresolutiondemoTorekaPICT4879rpcDSC08921`10110510`rpc1Solar dish chair burner DSC00797`10600901`FPBW F9005198_800FPBW PICT4277rqc  MTWaPICT7193rqc3 Bring it on! 1 1 satw dsc19357RQC oWL jURONGCatherine... Like the first morning ... Mt Kemmel Belgium Ypres FlandersLike the first morningHundertwasser's Fernwarme Wien'Midnight meanderings_71 PICT0054rPPICT1130`100KM028`rp But, the TV reception is fineATW09_LongJiHouseLaga_Silhouette_ICT6703 good sF9004870rpPICT8113Sur le MetroSur le MetroPICT3316xPICT3311 Start Walking b"I am death incarnate ..."PICT2160rr Muriwai GannetThrough the bars - Why you want an f1.7 lens - ATW HK.PICT6195rp xATW1105 DSC08212`10110510`rh2 'p Not a beggarDSC08214`10110510`rpc not a beggarCopy of PICT0390s2s KristinF9007207rp2He aha te mea nui -  He tangata! He tangata! He tangata! V2Upstairs Downstairs 6BR`1525PICT7854 GLPF