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RIP Mr. Collins! For the two who landed on the Moon, we was the one watching over them.
Hope you'll be the Guardian Angel for the next Moon landings (SpaceX) as well!

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Astro Landscapes: Speaking of shooting the moon, I used the P950 to make this 4K video of the moon at exactly my favorite phase, when the craters are creating some really epic shadows. Enjoy the Blade-Runner wannabe music...

Nice!! And much,much sharper/better focused than the Moon pic in the gallery!

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I wish to see a brand new AF system and NOT another SAFOX-n dinosaur. They have to re-write the AF algorithm from scratch; if they ask for help on writing I am sure they will find a few Pentax users. And for testing many more users, for sure.

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The possibilities are nearly useless (not endless) - if you want to use an AF lens, excepting lenses with an aperture ring such as certain older models of Pentax.
The pictures Canon 70-20 IS (although a fine lens) is useless - unseless you really want to use it at f/32

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Nice selection of Pentax cameras, excepting the cheap K1000 (especially the second generation) which I would replace with KX or MX.
Regarding the review of 645Z, we can still acces the one from the late Michael Reichmann, at Luminous Landscape. Be curios and read it, I find it fabulous!!

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Let's see who's buying a 500/5,6 which is 24 cm long & 1,46 kg & has VR
- papparazzi
- private investigators
- hikers (they love the low weight)
- wild life & also sport photographers
- many other, for which ~4000 USD are not a problem at all, such as certain citizens from Gulf-states, India, China, you-name-it country

No, 12000 per year is definitely not enough. Apprently Nikon vas way too cautions in planning the manufacturing capacity...

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(University of) Houston, YOU have a problem!

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I vote for:
Pentax LX
Nikon F3
Olympus OM-3 Ti
Pentax 67
Ricoh GR
and don't forget Minolta XM!

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MrBrightSide: My stupid iPhone was just killed by a software update so I’m through with those Cupertino crumb bums. Is the video on these phones anywhere near the level of the 7 plus? And does everything you shoot instantly become the property of Sundar Pichai?

maybe it's the iPhone 7 'Loop Disease' ??

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C'mon guys, this is just a small omission: the pictures were indeed taken with a P30. Pentax P30.

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Are you talking about Ronon Dex? Specialist Ronon Dex? He's the coolest guy in ours and Pegasus galaxy!!

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On article CP+ 2019: a look at the Pentax 85mm F1.4 and KP Custom (190 comments in total)

ALthough I am sure the new 85 will be a great lens, I can't stop loving my tiny sweet Pentax DA70/2,4 :)).
And the combination of colours shown on the KP is definitely not of the best taste. I mean, I would not wear this colours together..

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If there is a T-mount, adaptors are available for (almost) any mount, old or new.

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GabrielZ: If this is an established lens producing company (I’ve never heard of them!) why can’t they fund its development themselves? Are they cheap or something?

I would not call William Optics a start-up, and their refractors are not cheap at all...just have a look on net.

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Great picture and 100% credible. And it's great US/NASA has some competition, itwill give some impulse to space exploration.

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I remember the review Pentax 645z got from Michael Reichmann some years ago. A great camera, a great review, a great photographer!

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Well, I guess me and probably many other are thinking that studio quality means sharpness &resolution, natural bokeh and optimal exposure.
The images IPhone X takes have some sharpness, optimal exposure but a non-natural bokeh. So I won't call them "sudio quality". Enforcing that in a court is a different story, and I'm sure Apple can bring enough photographers to support their claims...
Anyway, X has a great camera and great software, and in 1-2-or 3 generations the iPhone may really generate quality "studio quality" pictures.

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rsf3127: In-body 5-axis stabilization (rated to 5EV) for a small body FF camera from a manufacturer that has no expertise in this type of mechanism sounds too good to be true. Waiting for a proper test.

I see no reason why Pentax should not sell the licence for IBIS for Nikon mirorless...

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"almost certainly an OEM product", "probably originated from a design partnership with Tokina" based on ???. Not to mention that Tokina "Opera" has weather-sealed construction. Common with Pentax but AFAIK first with Tokina.
As everyone here agrees, the price is most likely 26% higher than Sigma Art. Far from double as your stated.

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Assuming a smartphone is always with you, take an action cam (e.g. GoPro) when your hands are not free. I agree, a "tough" camera would the choice for rock climbing and tropical forest, but if it is not the case an upper-class compact zoom (e.g. Lumix LX or TZ 200) will do just fine.

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