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  • Holding out for the Sony RX100 VA because of the 1.8 lens.
  • While I have the RX100 M1, I use if for lots of video. Love its capability. Looking forward to upgrading eventually to something.
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    I have the RX100 M1 so I'm not really familiar with the PlayMemories Camera Apps. However, I just looked and there seem to be some pretty neat stuff. I wonder why they discontinued it since it's ...
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    I saw this too. I'm intrigue because the lens on the VI is 2.8.  Decisions, decisions, decision.
  • Congratulations! I still have my RX100 M1 from 2012. Here's a video containing a slideshow of all pictures taken a few months ago with the RX100 M1. All were with available light (no flash) and ...
  • I just checked on Amazon you can get a new Sony RX100 M1 for $368. If you pay $200 to fix the one problem, who knows what will break next. Of course, you can always upgrade :-).
  • All things will break. A complex and amazing piece of machinery like the Sony RX100 is no different. I've had my RX100 since 2012. It broke on me just once after my Sony Warranty expired, but ...
  • I have this camera since 2012 and it's still working. I love it. However, I have been looking at the VI, but haven't completely decided yet. If you get the RX100 M1, my suggestion would be to get ...
  • No problem. Thought that I just ask. Again, thanks for sharing.
  • Well this is what I'm interesting in finding out. How well the RX100 VI will do in low-light and HI ISO 3200 and above. You can see with the RX100 M1 that with the 1.8 lens it captured the ...
  • Well I can see you're keeping busy. You have good taste and a good eye. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.
  • Thank you posting the pictures. I have the RX100 M1 (the original) and love it. With the 1.8 lens and at 3200 ISO, I've been able to get some very good pictures where I can't use a flash like in ...
  • The Sony RX100 VI uses the same batteries as the earlier RX100. FWIW, I have used third party batteries. They've worked well, but I think I prefer the Sony's.
  • Very nice. If you get the RX100 VI, it would be interesting comparing a low light video made with that compared to your V. I'm hoping that the VI can come close because of maybe better processor, ...
  • Wow, the transparent camera is pretty cool. Thanks for finding that :-)
  • Would be interested in seeing how the RX100 VI performs like inside the church. It has a 2.8 vs 1.8 lens. Would be interested how it works with available light at some higher ISO 3200 and above -- ...
  • You may be right, but I'm hoping that maybe Sony have some secret to making the 2.8 fully acceptable for available light (or lower light like indoor). At present, I have the M1 and shoot mostly at ...
  • Wow, you are advance. I will have to look up HLG, Cine1, Log3, etc. when I get a chance. Thank you for the education. You don't know what you don't know.
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    Well I have to believe that Sony have addressed the battery life and overheating issue with the V. Because I almost never use the flash for indoor pictures like in Church having the 1.8 was a ...
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    I was concerned about this as well. However, I will wait for the review and see if Sony done some magic. I shot alot of indoor pictures like in Church, etc. and I need the fast lens and hi ISO. Bes ...
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