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  • This is a very capable, but big and heavy camera; the most complex DSLR ever made. It works well with current new FF lenses, which are all zooms. Users have asked representatives of the company...

  • See below. It can be well guessed. See below. Improvements can be ranked by seriousness, utility and value. To quote Mark Ransom, who summed it nicely (Thanks Mark!): "The only hardware upgrade ...
  • Replied in Does it?
    About self-loathing: it is exactly what you did, sir. Self-loathing comes without any analysis, no maths, no arguments, and it resorts on kind of hidden ad hominem when replying, same as Mr ...
  • Replied in Care to explain?
    Ever heard of brainstorming? This is it. Do you care to explain why you find this deal good? Did you do the math, and what it tells you? I have tried to provide a perspective with maths on why it m ...
  • A slightly different take. Pentax/Ricoh users seems to be easily swayed; don't know why is that. With this "upgrade" move, Ricoh is rolling the cost of extra software development, major firmware ...
  • Pentax/Ricoh users seems to be easily fooled with anything. Ricoh is rolling the cost of extra software development, major firmware updates and minor tweaks down on CURRENT users. So current users...

  • Replied in 9 days to CP+
    Same people make those cameras. Only this time models will be branded under Pentax.
  • Replied in 9 days to CP+
    A fixed lens camera. There are such things, y'know.
  • Replied in 9 days to CP+
    New mirrorless camera will come out. No mount. It will be branded Pentax.
  • I was thinking FF camera s , not one FF camera. K1 is ginormous, it cannot do anything to help the team. There must be more FF camera s at the same time. To your point: even if (one) APS-C has to ...
  • Replied in Yes
    That was the plan before Ricoh. But Ricoh killed the plan. Ricoh liked the idea of feeding the bottom of the market with minimal investment. Endless rehashes of the same outdated tech in a new ...
  • Care to explain what would be a better idea for a very small team that obviously cannot cope with current lineup/situation?
  • We can all see that. Amazing act and fantastic strategy, I just realised my mistake. Thanks for the input.
  • Replied in Thanks man!
    Thanks for writing, though. Although I do not trust a single word of your prophecies. (Based on track record).
  • That is weird! Fake teasers again?
  • Mark 2 versions of all cameras issued by RI in recent years come with very minor tweaks. It is almost cosmetic. But underneath is the forced strategy, that tells how fast company can really cope ...
  • 02.18 is a whole month. The graphics in question is, well, questionable, or to be safe: fake. IIRC, last year, nobody expected the KP; it came out of nowhere . There was no teasers nor graphics ...
  • Which follows, that Asahiman too knows nothing and relies on guesswork as any other member of the forum.
  • What skin tones?! There is only one portrait picture, which is fine and tells nothing per se; the rest is random scenery, a cat, and the figurehead (statue from the boat bow).

  • Because sharpness is for the newbies. That is all newbies know. DPR, on the other hand, consists of a team of artists who simply make picture that please heart, and the mind. How it's done — who...

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