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JYC2: It looks like Kata backpack! What happened?

Did they really? I still have a Kata bag and it was one of my all-time favorites. Just picked up the Manfrotto D-1 and love it.

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Tenstorms: Af-on missing, AE button placed far away, 1/8000 shutter speed lacking, Square eye-cup, metering mode dial. All what I am (very) used to on my D700.

For about 2k I will miss all that and gain:

Pixels - want that, print bigger all the time, sometimes need to crop/zoom
Better AF - tracking kids and sports, would help as is face-detection that works
Wifi - sometimes I need to post or upload right away, would be very convenient
Video - a few movies of the kids in the future might be nice
Dual card slots - just to feel save?

That is a lot of money for extras that have work arounds (except the pixels) and I would get annoyed missing my interface features/shutter speed.
I guess I'll wait another year, maybe they even add in GPS that works...

D8XX series - too expensive, too big files. Sweet spot would be 20Mp, but 24Mp is a good cap.

It looks like Nikon will never make the 'mistake' again of a D700 'package', I need to save up for a 42MP D900 and use it at a lower pixel settings.

It can? That's pretty cool...I am waiting on mine to do you do that?

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