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On article Nikon D750 Review (2001 comments in total)

"Tends to slightly overexpose (though easy workaround exists)" A workaround at this price range!? That's like the most basic camera function and it gets it wrong? And it still gets 90%? Inspiring much trust in the review conclusion. NOT!

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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review (1325 comments in total)

I have now read the review for the 6th time from start to finish plus all the comments. My emotion: disappointed! In the camera? NO! You will have to tear it from my stone cold dead hands to get it from me. (And I only have it for 3 weeks now) My disappointment stems from what I perceive as flawed (or even biased) arguments and apportioning weight to the lack of or the abundance of features in the 7d2 by the reviewers. More so the explanations by the reviewers in the comments section strengthens my conclusions about this. Especially Simon's take on iTR. Why say it's a "pro tool" and then mark it down because it is a complex machine relative to e.g. Nikon's offering (3D with less customisation)

I have put a lot of trust in DP Review's reviews of cameras in the past.

I do not any more.

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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review (1325 comments in total)

"iTR struggles to accurately track moving subjects, especially fast ones" I have found exactly the opposite - its fast and spot on in half a heartbeat! Are the reviewers used to taking BIF pictures? Love this beast already!

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On article Canon EOS-1D X overview (379 comments in total)

Dear Mr Butler - quick question. Are you still going to REVIEW this camera? At all? Ever? Please respond at your convenience.

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CLEANSHOT: For those of us deciding between Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon has probably lost hundreds if not thousand's of potential sales with their "tape fix". Just not acceptable, considering the price tag.

CLEANSHOT - read Roger Cicala's article over at LensRentals and you will see that you disdain for the "tape fix" is unfounded.

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@mantra: Logical and effective.

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I just read what Roger Cicala wrote and I qoute "Some people seem to think tape is bad or cheap fix. It’s not. Actually, I can’t think of any camera that doesn’t have a bunch of tape inside. Nor can I remember any high quality zoom lens that doesn’t have tape inside (some of the cheaper consumer grade lenses don’t). This stuff lasts for the life of the camera and then some. Trust me, I’ve taken some water soaked equipment apart where the only thing still working was the tape.

In a previous post, I praised the broad sheets of the same tape used to cover all of the circuit boards: it obviously provides added protection. This solution seems silly, but it’s logical and effective.

Roger Cicala"

Looking at his article on the MKIII that had a loose screw the whole camera is covered inside by this black tape. Problem solved!

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