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Najinsky: 8 bit RGB x 8 x 8 =
256 x 256 x 256 x 8 x 8 =
~1 billion source combinations

Given there are 7b people on the planet it's already down to1 in 7 accuracy at best.

And that's assuming the source is a simple face portrait. It could be a full body shot, in an infinite number of poses. Or a cat. Or a bowl of fruit, or a fish bowl, with one fish, or two, or seven, or a mountain, or a field, or a flower, or a mountain surrounded by fields of flowers, or a picture of mar, or the Milky Way, or or or...

The kind of accuracy that gets plumbers shot on subways by anti terrorist squads...

You're doing it wrong. It's 256^(8*8) different potential source images, 1.34e+154.

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Nuno Souto: Been using Capture 1 Pro for a few years now and it is truly excellent. But since release 7, Phase One decided to only support 64-bit Windows. I use 32-bit Windows and will NOT upgrade for reasons to do with other software I must run. So now I'm picking an alternative.
So far good old Bibble, aka Corel Aftershot Pro, is well ahead of the pack, with full support for the multi core AMD CPUs I use. Nothing else is even remotely in the same ballpark when it comes to speed. And the results are at least as good as Capture One Pro 6. Pity it wasn't tested as well..

In my tests Bibble/Aftershot crashed a lot and the skin colors were really bad (grey banding).

Sidenote: You realize that you can run 32bit applications on 64bit Windows, right?

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Thanks! I enjoyed the read. I recently switched from DxO to C1 and I'm *veryveryveryvery* happy with my decision. That has mostly to do with the responsiveness of C1 (see Page 2, "Image Viewing" and Page 4, "Tool Adjustments") and the flexibility of the UI. I could configure the UI exactly the way I want it to be (two screens: 1 filled with tools, 1 with preview). I didn't go with Lightroom since it had severe color problems with neon highlights in my tests. Is that fixed now?

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Zoran K: From my experience, DxO is probably the fastest RAW converter that will give you excellent results from camera raw files, with unparalleled corrections tied to specific lenses and camera sensors.

It is not perfect tool, but whatever is doing - is doing almost perfectly, especially in noise reduction, geometry correction, chromatic aberration and recovering of image detail.

Did you test C1? It's so much more responsive. Describing DxO as the "fastest" RAW converter seems weird to me. Or do you mean workflow-wise?

I used DxO for the last 5 years exclusively but switched after the new release still wasn't responsive enough. C1 is way better in this area.

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coffeefrog: fastest? version 8? I like what it does but fast is not how I would describe it.

No, it's not. That's why I just switched to Capture One after test-driving both new releases for some days. Capture One is way faster. That's with a GTX 580 and OpenCL enabled. SSD vs. disk makes not much difference in UI reponsiveness from my testing.

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On article DxO Labs announces Optics Pro 7 with faster performance (166 comments in total)
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dpreviewblog: 2 Axel from DxO Labs

The new version of DxO will be compiled as 64bit-edition, or only 32-bit... as usual? I have 24Gb DDR3 and Win 7 Ultimate Ed 64bit on my PC-workstation and recent DxO d't "utilize/use" more than 3Gb memory...

You can run DxO on a 64bit version of Windows. Each process on it's own will never use more than 2GB, but as DxO runs multiple processes (as Axel explained) it'll use more. That's only the case for batch processing. The UI will only ever use 2GB at most.

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