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  • The official U.S. Leica repair facility is in New Jersey, right? also this: ...
  • Thanks for the response. Yes the filters do present a bit richer outcome, but, as I said, there does seem to be a hot spot on the sensor so that, overall, your photos seem more pleasing. Thanks.
  • great photos. I'm technically very interested in your infrared photos. Did you do them with a filter or in post-processing? I ask because on another Leica board, we've been using a variety of ...
  • Replied in Streets of NYC
  • Replied in Streets of NYC
    I'm doing the same this weekend. :-). I take my Q everywhere (admittedly, I've covered up the red dot, but that's not anti-theft, but embarrassment about my conspicuous consumption). My best ...
  • Thanks for this. Do you ever use manual focus lenses with your Df? If so, I understand the focusing is better than with dSLRs, but still not as good as an EVF with a manual. Is that a fair assessment?
  • beautiful, and especially at such a high ISO.
  • From Nikon Rumors it would appear that both cameras are FF and both will be at least initially marketed as a kit with a zoom. Makes sense, as it will be a new mount. So, the price of 3k and 4k ...
  • Thanks so much for this. I love the Q, but I'm still on the fence about the Df and hoping that the forthcoming Nikon mirrorless has some of its aspects. Otherwise, I shoot film with my Nikon FE.
  • great photos! thanks. Have always been interested in the Df. Do you have any thoughts about the Df compared to the Q?
  • Here's what I did with the new FN. I picked one and only one thing to toggle (live view, etc). I did that for a couple of days until I felt it was pure reflex. Now I've added a 2nd thing to the FN ...
  • I'm really fascinated by your reaction. I think version 3 is terrific and vastly simplifies an already admirably simple menu system. I say that with great respect and curiosity, because different ...
  • agree completely. much faster and simpler to use with just small changes to the menu and FN button.
  • loving the updates, too. Leica understands: make a great camera and then get out of the way of the photographer. the updates simplified the already simple menu and the improvement to the FN button ...
  • If nothing else, it's made your flickr page a lot more intriguing: female models in provocative poses and airplane models with out of focus fuselages!
  • if the only function you assigned to the FN is the EVF/LCD, then it will cycle through by just pushing the FN button. If you assign more functions to the FN button (I think up to 8, right?), then ...
  • I am really, really happy with 3.0. I think they made it even easier to concentrate on photography, instead of spending time managing complex software. This is a really important reason--my main ...
  • yes, astonishing that Leica couldn't debug its own instructions....
  • Replied in ballet Q
    +1 . all I take with me. I just wish I could motivate myself to buy other bodies, but ultimately I know it's a waste of money.
  • beautiful pictures. thank you.
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