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You can do fine art with a phone but none of the pictures above ara fine arts so try again or let a pro show us why they will never use a phone for fine arts work you should know the pictures above will never meet the level of been called fine arts and cant be on a so called fine arts exibition....sorry for my english but i think you will get the idea of what i mean...

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Well my friends,to me take a picture of a caged animal its just like take a picture of a dead animal because what can they do? They can not run from you they are there many times for money they get used to people so they will not hide plus the well konwn sad attitude of caged animal in the other side you can go and shoot in the Wild and take pic's of really living Wild animals with the natural spark that you will not see in a zoo animals just because they are free they can run away from you they can hide from you and they are not used to people so you will learn a few things if you shoot in the Wild first you learn how to shoot with natural light conditions plus you learn how to shoot in the most unconfortable pisitions you can imagine second you will get some kind of a hunter expirience you'll lear to be quiet and observe and eventually you will shoot a good subject and frame it in your wall but without killing it and thats so nice and nature friendly that you dont need an open season

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Very good comp....and also natural colors not over sat an great wb an efect of move on the water over the rocks on the right just a lot of elements joining to create a good image

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