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  • i’ve given you a subset of what i've meant by “worth” (ie the existentialist ‘meaning’); i’m sorry if it's not enough
  • The Notre Dame Cathedral is owned by the state, so my response covers your comment (all about wealth of the CC) I guess we could limit the question to the existentialist term of “meaning” and bring ...
  • Is this really all you see here? Some people being sad because the Catholic Church lost a small revenue stream?
  • your comparison is faulty. It’s like putting units of weight and units of light together (ye, kg and lux) A walmart gives a measure of wealth, a cathedral gives a measure of worth
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    Thank you. I wish it was true, but my understanding of how video processing works is very basic. Anyway, if someone wants to check whether temporal NR has any effect at all, it's easy to experiment ...
  • quite frequently, the subsequent frames are not independent, ie. some regions are static. Based on this property, the NR for video has extra information to work with and can lead to better results ...
  • for video, the point of maximum information is the RAW file + the adjacent frames. I don't know what each camera is doing, but the extra information could provide, at least in theory, a still image ...
  • I don’t have a camera with 4k, but it may be that the noise reduction for video uses the adjacent frames (on a still you can apply only spatial luminance/chrominance NR, on video you have also ...
  • Who would say no to having the cake and eating it too? Metoo, i want more pixels without sacrificing the noise level even more, nor increasing the size of the sensor nice shot, btw
  • hold my beer the angular size of Jupiter is max 50’’ the angular height of a 50mm on a FF is 27deg 27/50*3600 = 1944 So a magnification of about x2000 (over a 50mm lens) is about right if you want ...
  • At 100000mm, a large enough pinhole *is* your lens
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    ISO 64000@0.5 sec should give the same exposure as ISO 1600@20 sec. Considering that the photo was taken through a window, it would be fair to compare the f/1.6 to an f/2. As chance has it, there ...
  • if anyone should wander, the angular size of the image is about 71x60 deg
  • i'm impressed your friend must have a steady hand to take a single shot at 1/2sec from an airplane. just to dismiss the idea that it might be some crazy 16x16 binning, can you post the full ...
  • there are a couple of GPS loggers for Android and the battery consumption is not that bad; however, some phones have a low power mode (Sony/Stamina mode, Huawey/Ultra battery, Moto/??) that can ...
  • now, if Canon was to release just two small speed boosters (x0.7 efm/rf and efm/ef), the path forward would become much clearer
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    :D color vision will also become subscription based
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    GPS and GSM signals are independent of each other. You could try it, for example, by removing the SIM card from your phone and see if the camera still receives the GPS position. I haven't looked at ...
  • To me it seems that, since the P&S market is almost over, the phone manufacturers are no longer able to compete on price. It may be that 4 x 16mm f/1.2 cameras on a x3 crop, are equivalent to a FF ...
  • err... the actual FL is not specified for phones 28mm is the "equivalent" on a 3.5 crop (maybe it's an 8mm lens)
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