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Brilliant Mark Z, copy what windows phone had been doing for 2 yrs. and market it as an innovative Farcebook product. No wonder the kid is rich.

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Benarm: Time is right, too bad RX100 didn't get a gold award on DPR.

All I see is the griping of children that are PO'd the camera of the year doesn't have Nikon or Canon on the label. If the RX100 had been a Nikon or Canon, it couldn't get praised enough from the peanut gallery. Is it the best, maybe not, but the other big two have nothing that's better to take the award.

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Pentax_Prime: Pentax compacts have not been particularly successful at any point in the digital era. Ricoh not only has a more trusted name in compact camera design, but has kept pace with the market in that segment better than Pentax has in the last 5 years. The writing was on the wall when Ricoh and Pentax merged; the value of the Pentax brand was NEVER in compact cameras, it was in the K-mount and the brand name. Keeping Pentax associated with it's bread and butter (DSLR) and chopping off the excess fat (sub-par compacts) is a no-brainer. If you don't know Ricoh, in the United States, you can't be over 25 - Ricoh was making K-mount DSLR's for years (they are still everywhere) and produced many many K-mount lenses prior to the digital era. Pentax clearly has the bigger name in DSLR technology, but there is no advantage to keeping Pentax-branded compacts.

As a geezer I remember Ricoh in N. America. Mostly as cheap plastic clones of Pentax. KR-5 anyone? Had one, and the KR-10, mostly found in Sears, Kmart etc. They were flimsy compared to even my Pentax ME-Super, let alone my LX. Sorry but ricoh was nothing special then.

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Brian Thomas: Thanks, Richard for answering my question about the shutter sound. Interestingly, in your video presentation, your subjective statement that the shutter sound "is about average" is the most valuable piece of information for me.

Tested a A57 demo at Henry's with my A65, shutter sound is the same least as far as I can tell. Then again they both use the same shutter box assembly so not to surpising. I only wish Sony could put out a SLT with weather sealing at the Pentax K-30 price point. Big kudos to Pentax, a weather sealed camera at a bargain price point. Thats got hurt, eh, Canon/Nikon?

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VirtualStudio seems to do most of this and it's free.

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Amazing all the slagging for Martin who is an accomplished photographer and author. Who also knows more about photoshop than probably any of the posters here. It's just an example of what the new sliders can do and the topic said "extreme". Lighten up, Nancy Negatives. As for gimp boy, while I haven't used the latest versions, does it now do 16 bit editing, prepress, pantone, spot colour, latest PS plugins like NIK, etc?? I've nothing against gimp, great for those that are willing to go through the even higher learning curve than LR/PS.

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Peter McNeill: Do DXO still use that nasty Pace Anti_Piracy software? Last time I used DXO I swore never again til they got rid of that piece of junk. It gave me fits removing it since it didn't uninstall with DXO.

v5 or v6, not sure, but since then I'm a Lightroom user so I doubt I'd bother buying yet another RAW converter at least for the near future. I may or may not trial v7 and see for myself.

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Do DXO still use that nasty Pace Anti_Piracy software? Last time I used DXO I swore never again til they got rid of that piece of junk. It gave me fits removing it since it didn't uninstall with DXO.

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AV Janus: Well I would pay for it if it would have hair style generator along with all these features!

Seriously... never heard of this software before, I will be sure to check it out! :-)

I love all the so called photographers decrying photoshop as evil... no, we must strive to make our photos best as possible with no gimmicky software!! And yet, these same photographers adore pro's like Ansel Adams who was his generations equivalent of a photoshopper because he routinely removed items from his photos and all the other film tricks to alter the image to what he wanted it to be.

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dougster1979: Sony nex 5n better iq, better sensor, better iso...

Funny though I see more small detail from the various A77 shots at low/mid ISO than the so called better 16meg cameras (and seen some comparisons to FF cameras where low iso equals ad even betters in spots). It's not a huge difference but it is there and if you print large ... like say 8x10 is considered a small print, you'll notice it. Like some of the photos out on the net taken by photographers with the A77 not DPR or pixel peepers, blow all of the DPR/PixelPs samples away. milage varies as always.

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I'll wait for reviews before making snap judgements. The optics come from the minolta/sony G lens division and those are not cheap optics but as good as anyones. Not that I'll spend that kind of money on binos, I'll buy a A77 and 70-400G for that kind of money.

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