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tinternaut: If I'm reading the prices correctly, about the same price as a Sony A7 III kit but with what looks like a vastly better kit lens? This is exactly the competition Sony needs.

I agree, the Sony Kit lens is mediocre at best. Also bought the 24-70 f4 to go with my a7III.

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Kurgo: 1 card slot and horrid battery life. Goddamn you Nikon, the a7III and a7RIII are out already, you only needed to put a better battery in and another card slot to be perfect but no, of course not.

Maybe the biggest disappointment is the battery life. I mean, a D850 battery that gives only 330 shots?

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On article Nikon Z6 is a lower resolution, less expensive Z7 (405 comments in total)
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tinternaut: If I'm reading the prices correctly, about the same price as a Sony A7 III kit but with what looks like a vastly better kit lens? This is exactly the competition Sony needs.

You are reading incorrectly. The A7III with the kit lens is priced at 2.200 USD. (https://www.amazon.com/Sony-Full-frame-Mirrorless-Interchangeable-Lens-ILCE7M3K/dp/B07B45D8WV/ref=sr_1_1?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1535044686&sr=1-1&keywords=a7III)

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Wow, I thought it was already dead, months ago!

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Fly18: They produce lots of cameras. I'll give them that!
Innovation? Making the grip and battery bigger and better buttons are not innovations.

BSI, innovation? Ah, Samsung, already forgotten.

For the other things, I agree, Sony is running ahead of the pack. Currently I shoot Canon, but had Samsung and Sony Systems (Nex-5, great camera), but man, that A7III is tasty.

As I try to find a compact FF camera there is really only one option, Sony. As a consumer I expected to have more choices at this point in time, but we gotta give Sony credit: they tried something different.

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Max Iso: Well lets get them stat quoters in here and figure out what this all means. Maybe that Nikon shooters are more skilled? That more people are actually USING Nikon regardless of sales stats, rather than being unhappy and upgrading their gear more often? Does it mean Nikon paid off the voting system? (joking of course).

Im interested in some theories since numbers seem to mean a lot to some members here. If last year Nikon didn't even rank till 7th, and this year they tool 5 of the top 7, including the top two, surely that shows an increase. Surely it shows an improvement in the skill of Nikon shooters no?

Heck who knows, by 2019 we might see Nikon shooters take the first 15 spots, holding 85% of the field......

Or, they just, you know, use some camo on the lenses.

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panther fan: I never understood the copyright law of the US. In most European countries the person photographed has all the rights to the image, not the photographer.

Quite the same in Brazil. The photographer needs permission to use the image for other comercial uses, as he was already paid for the photoshoot.

If the contract does not state otherwise, the professional has no additional claims over those photos.

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Wahl: Read the message carefully: "currently marketed exclusively through its e-commerce arm, the Nikon Store". In most countries this has never been the case. And not being able to buy through a Nikon owned e-store does not mean an item is "grey". "Grey" imports only apply to the heavily protected US market, in most other countries I can buy any Nikon article from anywhere in the world, and it will have warranty and everything. In other words: Brazilians will probably continue to buy Nikon, just not through Nikon itself, but, as in many other countries, through local retailers, national and international e-commerce. And other than in the US, every item will be under warranty, even if at some point I may have to send it in for service to a service point outside brazil.

Brazilian requires that if you sell a product you must provide support service if the manufacturer does not have a representation in the country.

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Photoman: So Nikon screwed dealers with their e-commerce, now their screwing a country?!

Don't believe everithing you read...

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PaulSnowcat: Well, that's quite easy to understand. Brazil is a country with insane additional cost, added to all "white" electronics and optics that comes into the country officially. Everyone there is buying "gray" cameras. So having a division in Brazil is simply a waste of money. That's why Nikon close it.

I disagree.

I'm a Canon shooter in Brazil. I buy most of my stuff directly from Canon's online store not because it's "official".

Their prices are competitive and warranty time is longer (2y vs 1y from retail stores and 6mo from grey market sources).

As I posted in other reply, Nikon operations in Brazil always seemed somewhat lackluster. The website is just awful for finding and buying things and availbility is always an issue.

So, no wonder they are giving up, didn't much of an effort in the first place.

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Biowizard: Along with using ancient Videocon tubes to measure sensor sizes, and applying crop factors to all sensors smaller than 135, but never for sensors bigger, one more thing perplexes me about the world of photography: "GREY Imports"?!!

We live in a global economy; I can by my laptop from the USA, my wine from France, my show posters from Italy. It's up to me. So why do CAMERA manufacturers, almost uniquely, try to punish those who buy a camera in one country, for use in another? What is GREY about me picking up a new camera body while on vacation in Japan and bringing it back to the UK? Why should my warranty cease to apply?

It's high time the concepts of "GREY" imports and a "GREY" market were banned.


I'm from Brazil too.

Despite taxes around here, Canon's online store still manages to put a good fight. I bought almost all of my branded gear from the official store, with 2 years warranty.

So I guess the grey market is not the only culprit. Nikon e-commerce was always insipid, little to no marketing and really small in volume.

I don't shoot Nikon, but I have a uncle who does and he always told me that it was easier to buy gear from all other sources, because of constant availability issues with Nikon.

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