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    No, you simply do not want to accept what I have to say, so you then characterize me as refusing to answer, and of just wanting to make statements.
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    Reacquaint yourself on the topic of this thread, and obviously English reading comprehension. What you bolded is me explaining the reasoning for what the OP is inquiring about. The focus is ...
  • For the most part the Mexicans, like the Americans, did not do that. Once again, the largest estimated number of Indians north and south of the current border and the land mass realities assures ...
  • No trick at all. No doubt you wish to talk about the so-called stolen Mexican territory. I have two responses to that. First, that territory was purchased. Second, if you and others are going to ...
  • Geographical realities regarding land mass and the largest Indian population estimates of the period assures that the majority of America was not inhabited. Wars were also wrongly started by ...
  • Once again I refer you back to what the person said that you responded to. My comment regarding freedom of speech and the right to own guns is based on what has been actually been happening in ...
  • Yes, I realize that it's not the politically correct thing to say, but I don't practice the madness and lie of political correctness. That statement was, and couldn't be anything less, a ...
  • That means around 90% of ALL Americans are native Americans. Capitalizing the word native doesn't change it's meaning. I know all of that, but apparently you have no knowledge of what I mentioned. ...
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    That's not a personal insult. Such a thing is also topical to what I'm discussing at the time. "Worse"? Such as? In another recent post of yours you called me a "loser." Now that, along with words ...
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    Why? The word anti-American never stopped you from reading, and commenting on,  anything I've written before. Quite the contrary.
  • Look at the "general use" meaning. There was nothing wrong with my usage of the word. Besides, it doesn't matter. Expressing the opinion that a government is fascist on its own doesn't equal meddling.
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    Is it so difficult for you people on the left to do the right and moral thing?
  • Why would I apologize for that? It's a fair assessment. The general meaning for fascism is authoritarian. Stating that doesn't mean I'm meddling in your country's affairs. How is that more than ...
  • What I believe is not based on what I want to believe. That's the left's problem. So is that what causes you to focus on only one side of the Indian story?
  • The focus is on the name, not the land. Read more carefully. That said, the majority of the territory of the future country was also uninhabited. Most of it was not stolen.
  • Your silly claim. A native of some place is anyone born in that place. Around 90% of ALL Americans are native Americans. Some Indian tribes were wronged and destroyed. Most of the territory of the ...
  • He said "coming down the pike." He said "coming down the pike." Look up the definition of the word. It is not limited to economic wealth.
  • And yet here you are indirectly responding to me by responding to your own post.
  • You're deluding yourself if you think that someone you are debating is flustered and rendered "speechless" because they are no longer responding to you. Your kind of response is juvenile.
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    Thanks. 👍
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