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Greg7579: I'm a Fuji guy big-time and I respect the XP. But it is the only main-line Fuji camera I do not and have never owned. I love Fuji ergo, but for me the XP goes too far, even for an old film shooter. I seriously don't get the hidden screen, but understand why Fuji did it. Some XP shooters are going to love it because it is even more quirky and cool. I love and own the XT-1/2/3 and XH-1. I love and own the GFX 50 and 100. The X Pro is not for me, but I love that Fuji does it. I think Richard did a really good job on this initial review. His work is the best in the business now and he is a fantastic camera writer. I love reading all camera reviews and his are the best. He gets better every time out the gate whether you like the camera he is reviewing or not. Fuji, I need an XH-2 and you need to figure out IBIS for the XT. Miss you guys on the great Fuji Board and I will shoot my X gear again! Still have it all.
Greg Johnson

Yeah... I love the quirky and cool X-Pro line. And you're right. Now it's even quirkier and cooler. I can hear them now...
Q: Where's the screen on that thing?
A: Doesn't have one. (heh heh heh)
Q: What's that lever on the front do?
A: It's a self-timer (heh heh heh)
Q: What's that little screen on the back?
A: Tells what kind of film I'm shooting (heheheh)
Q: Is it a Nikon, a Canon, or a Sony?
A: It's some off-beat Russian brand; that's why they don't put the name on the front of it (hahahaha)

This camera, as my 30 year old son still says, is gonna be "the bomb." Good to hear from you Greg

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Dave Oddie: The idea of a screen that folds so the LCD can't be seen is not new.

My ancient Sony A77 can do this. In fact that is how I use it most of the time shooting with the EVF almost exclusively except for when waist level, macro work or some other circumstance makes it convenient to use the LCD.

I could however also fold it flat to the camera such that the LCD is visible with a choice of what is displayed on it.

I think the Fuji is needlessly restrictive and it certainly isn't innovative.

Actually, you haven't identified any other camera that shares this restrictively "hidden" concept for an LCD. That's the definition of inventive. It's just that you don't like the new thing that they invented.

The very first mirrorless cameras with a "live view" -- produced by Panasonic -- had a screen that could be turned in or out flat against the body. That's not what Fuji has produced with the Pro3.

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SwedishPhoto: ” On the other hand I missed a lot of shots because the moment had passed before I could fumble the LCD open or get the finder to my eye in time: these were mostly snapshots of funny moments with my partner. And sometimes it's these casual snaps that are the most special, interesting or telling. How foolish I felt for not better appreciating the near-instantaneous live view nature of other mirrorless cameras.”

This.. How many times is it really faster to use the back screen compared to using the OVF/EVF?

I mean. Sure. I guess you could save a tenth of a second or two. But is it even an issue for most? I guess if you use the back screen all the time, and can barely use the EVF, it could be? But then again, this camera really isn’t for those that more often than not use the LCD to take photos.

I found the author's comment about missing shots because he was fumbling the screen open to be odd as well. It doesn't get much quicker than the OVF. And I've watched videos of people flipping the LCD open. It looks pretty fumble-free to me.

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FrancoPhoto: This screen implementation is very weird. I really can't think that Fuji sees this simply as a bonus feature. My theory is that they wanted to differentiate the xpro even further from the xt and created a weird camera for "weird" people. IMO the ovf no longer has the impact needed to justify a camera family on its own, so they created a camera different enough that maybe can keep the extra pathway of income still active. Anyway, I don't like it, but can imagine some will find it interesting.

Shouldn't the needs of weird or "alternative" types be met? You've heard of "craft beers"? Maybe this is the original "craft camera."

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I'm not sure why you dismiss the ISO control so quickly. It doesn't take so much more dexterity than other physical controls, it's just a different technique. My own view is that it's much easier than the X-T1's ISO dial, the latter requiring you to either reach across the top of the camera with your right hand or temporarily support the camera's weight with your right hand while changing ISO with your left. The X-Pro2 ISO dial is right where it should be, where it can be controlled with the right hand. The lift and turn action is one that many of us mastered decades ago with film cameras. I've found it smooth and quick thus far, and have not wound up turning the shutter speed dial by mistake (but then my SS is often set to Auto, locking it into place unless I push the button).

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Sergey Borachev: If this had been released before the GX8 and PEN-F, it would have been an exciting camera. Now, it is just another rangefinder like camera with fairly ordinary features.

Is it worth the weight/wait?

In what sense is either of them "rangefinder like"? My impression was that they are "live view" EVF only cameras like the X-T1. Moving the EVF to the side doesn't make them any more rangefinder like. Can you see through their OVFs with the camera turned off, like with the X-Pro2? That's the best test of whether a camera is genuinely rangefinder like.

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ecxs: I would have given this camera a gold award just for the improved autofocus alone. I had the xpro1 and now have the xpro2. The speed improvement and reliability is just worlds away. Of course I understand there are other cameras to compare it with other than the the xpro1. Just my humble O.

TIP: Display the full image electronic live view in the little rangefinder tab that pops up in the OVF. That way you can effectively use your 14mm with the OVF and also monitor the small portion of the image that lies outside the OVF window.

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