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T3: No more mechanical shutters. The future of cameras will be solid state electronic shutters. No mechanical mirrors, no mechanical shutters, no more phase detection modules that need calibration, etc. And I'm sure the manufacturers will welcome this too. After all, this is a big, costly headache for Nikon. Remember when Canon DSLRs had reflex mirror detachment issues? These are all mechanical issues that are costly. Fewer parts, fewer issues with those parts, fewer service issues, lower manufacturing costs.

Good thing Nikon's cameras use shutters instead of sensors.

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makofoto: Haha, already exists for micro 4/3'rds cameras. The Olympus 15 mm Body Cap lens. F8.0 and it has an optional close-up setting. It's equal to a 30 mm. I personally prefer slightly wider.


Well, it will produce images, so that is another possible use. At what resolution? I don't know, but it's certainly better than what could be achieved with 35mm film with most lenses. So not too bad...maybe better than this vaporware? At $50, too. And it is as thin as a lens cap, a super-pancake. I put mine on a GM1 making it a silent street shooter.

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ARB1: Well, my D800 is now sold and all the lenses will be gone by weeks end, so now it's time to preorder the new E-M1 II as my main go to camera for traveling. I am a bit hesitant though since some cameras have their issues with the first launch.

Is almost as small as what?

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DarnGoodPhotos: For everyone arguing the price, the Q is only around $1k USD more expensive than a new RX1 + EVF. Now a grand is nothing to sneeze at, but hardly the traditional Leica premium.

$1000 is a rather larger difference between the two than any other specification difference. Why sneer at people who choose to save their money when the differences are at best illusory.

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villagranvicent: I am sure those who prefer a Sony A7RiI over this beauty, would pick a Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs an Aston Martin, just because their "specs"... The more horse power the merrier...

Or maybe price...you know that spec matters, too. Especially when the other specs are only marginally different.

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Craig from Nevada: It had a good run. Olympus needs to ditch the retro look and build something that looks like a modern camera.

no...it's very pretty

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I think the Olympus E30 was the first serious camera with art filters. It was announced in November, 2008. Would they have been influenced by the iPhone so early?

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