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bzanchet: No hot shoe? Lol, just kidding... nice review, beautiful Canon colors, sprecially the skin tones. What place was the fotos taken?

Maui? He he, bet there were fights for that assignment.

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jaygeephoto: I think I saw this in Finding Nemo. The Pentax WG-3. Better camera all around and doesn't look like a tub toy (at least in black). Lets see that comparison! Canon makes some superb advances amateur and professional equipment; this stuff is beneath them. It's is as if Lexus made a skateboard.

Well, when in the water, the bright Orange of the Panasonic TS series makes it highly visible. Black, not so much.

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rb59020: I'll forgive the slow lens and even the pathetic 1.9fps, but no articulated screen or EVF? Give me at least one of them! Next.....

How would you expect to implement an articulated LCD/EVF on an underwater camera?

Come on Nikon. Give us an underwater/rugged camera with a 1" sensor AND RAW. You used to own this market.

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Come on Sigma... What about an E-Mount version.

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On article Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid (222 comments in total)

So now we have a camera with a builtin phone... or is it a phone with a builtin real camera?

I guess it had to happen. Sigh.

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If he had wanted it pronounced 'jif', then he should have called it JIF.

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AllMankind: What is it with Olympus and Panasonic, that they cannot make a rangefinder styled camera with a BUILTIN EVF?

Not to me :-)

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What is it with Olympus and Panasonic, that they cannot make a rangefinder styled camera with a BUILTIN EVF?

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jerrith: Well, actually there's only one group of users to blame and that's all those that copy the software and don't pay license fees at all. Those are the one's that make companies like Adobe look for ways how to make sure there are only legal versions available and thus turn to something like the cloud where you can't use your illegal copy of the software anymore.
It's a sad fact, but it's us legal users who willingly pay for a great piece of software engineering that take the fall for all the thieves out there. For every legal version in use there are multiple illegal versions downloaded. If nobody used illegal software, companies would be able to drop their price easily as they could sell more copies. But hey, downloading software isn't stealing, right? YES IT IS!!

The problem with your analysis is the assumption that every copy equals a lost sale. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am sure that 99% of the illegal users would never pay for a legal copy, so in fact it is not revenue lost.

That is not to condone the use of illegal software, but the copies do not represent lost sales either. Dreams of lost sales by Adobe, maybe, but not actual losses.

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Josh152: With a major player like adobe taking up the subscription only model it will open the flood gates and using your computer for anything beyond web browsing and e-mail will no longer be affordable. It is only a matter of time before even operating systems are "cloud" only subscriptions. Just wait until your office programs, multimedia programs, games, ect, all require a different subscription fee. Imagine being stuck with one brand of software because it's another $20-$50 a month to get access to a title in the software suite from a different brand. We could end up in a situation where just using your computer as you do now costs $100+ a month. The only way this won't happen is if Adobe is forced to give up the subscription nonsense due to lack of sales. Unfortunately that will never happen. Most will just go along with it an pay adobe their monthly fee.

This subscription model is definately the way Micro$oft wants to go.

As for me... no way would I EVER go cloud. Clouds evaporate, by the way.

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Are you serious??

Is this what dpr has become?

A prostitute to rumor sites.

Maybe better to shutter the site now..

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So a reworded press release is now an editors opinion at DPR.

My how DPR has fallen.

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Lucas_: Interesting, but I really don't know anything about video, so I wonder if this new Canon psensor has any similarity with the sensor on the new Sony Pro video cameras F55 and F5, just made available at B&H:
The specs call for :
"8.9MP Super 35mm CMOS Image Sensor and Internal 4K/2K/HD Recording" .
I apologise if that's something else, as I said I'm not at all into video...!

A Super35 sensor is closer in size to APS. A tad smaller actually ~25x14mm. (APS ~24x16mm).

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martian1: Colour resolution at full 1920 x 1080 can be provided by a 3 CMOS system using a prism assembly to split the 3 colours red, green and blue onto 3 CMOS sensors. This is today employed by many professional video cameras, albeit using relatively small 1/3", 1/2" or 2/3" sensors.

Note that splitting the incoming light using a prism assembly utilises ALL incoming light (except for minor reflection losses), while any colour filter in front of a pixel loses a major portion the incoming light by filtering out other colours, e.g. for red one has to filter out green and blue, for green one has to filter out red and blue, etc - in principle this loses 2/3 of the incoming light, however note that in a standard Bayer pattern the filters are setup a bit different.

Additionally, at each pixel full colour information is available through the 3 sensors, while for a single sensor using Bayer pattern filters, colours are always interpolated, as each pixel has either a filter for red, green or blue.

A 3CMOS array would drive the cost up considerably (3 FF sensors) and I would have to wonder if Canon FF lenses would even work, as I am not sure what that (3CMOS) would do to the registration distance.

Of course, if low light capability is your primary goal, then color fidelity is of secondary importance.

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