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On article DPReview TV: ProRes Raw on the Nikon Z6 (196 comments in total)

If one used ProRes HQ to the ninja, would you have close to the same dynamic range as ProRes Raw? I'm assuming the signal would be cleaner without the line skipping.

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Rihass: If you can't see that modular is a thing of the past. I'll give you very easy exemple. Smartphones combined a bunch of things in one single device. It's the modern time. No one wants to carry extra stuff to do simple things. Unless it's a professional market, like the photography, with it's ILC, even with that, a lot of people prefer the one single camera do it all thing, not professionally in this case. Modular will never work, never, not in this case anyway.

The ultimate in modularity would be to have an open source camera operating system where third parties could develop enhanced functionality.

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On article Blackmagic Design announces Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (394 comments in total)
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DiffractionLtd: Most interesting thing: 8 mp m4/3rds sensor. Apart from a 100mp FF sensor, I'd be most curious to see how it behaves.
Most annoying thing: No EVF.
Most perplexing thing: Too large.
Most funny thing: The resemblance to old SLRs. Not that it is bad.

If you want to use it handheld, there is always the possibility of using a 5" loupe, giving you another hold point and providing what should be quite the panorama. And voila the camera starts to look like a camcorder...

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On article Instagramer makes $15,000 in one day by selling prints (119 comments in total)

Good grief, for $150 I think I'd want something much bigger than a 4x6 print! And that was considered "cheap"....?

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cprevost: A camera with the ability to have user customizable interface. Download and install camera apps based on how you like to use your camera. Imagine a camera where you aren't limited to the camera makers idea of what the interface should look like. That's the future. If you pair this idea with solid hardware then it's going to be really big.

OK, why have the camera be the android system? What if you just had some powerful port like Thunderbolt that could handle anything you can throw at it, and let an external android tablet with its own powerful cpu be the brains and display. You'd end up wth something like the Black Magic Cinema camera, but instead of that lcd screen fixed on the back, you have a thunderbolt port and you place the android tablet anywhere you want. Inside all of the hardware functions of the camera would be laid open to the control tablet. If you need more frames per second you buy the latest tablet that has the computational power to do that. So you let the camera people focus on the raw functionality of capturing an image with a sensor and you let the open source community build whatever camera functionality you want off of the tablet. You could even make the hardware side modular so that you could place a new sensor in, change the lens mount, etc.

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Mssimo: It would be perfect if it had a HDMI in. I would just buy it as a monitor/EVF.

That would be a no brainer. Add usb tethering and you could have some incredible camera control as well on the same amazing screen. Maybe that same screen technology will show up in some other product from a more forward thinking company.

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